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Investing in Financial Well Being

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

Week Thirty Nine

This week’s questions extend what you have learned about how you engage with money and finance in previous weeks. What is the future you envisage for yourself and handling money and finance? You have choices about how money impacts your lifestyle. Now you know more about the kind of life you wish to have, you can identify the ways in which money management and finance can contribute, enhance and make it possible. How can you have your cake and eat it too?

1) What are the specific steps to my ideal money outlook? Describe the steps and sub-steps to achieve your financial goal(s).

2) What is your timetable for taking charge of your income and outgoings? Come up with a realistic schedule for making the changes that will lead to the life of prosperity you envisage.

3) How will you know you have reached the level of personal wealth you desire? What measures will you use to track your money management progress?

4) What obstacles could occur to your earning or spending goals? Anticipating possible hiccups in advance will help integrate handling them into your plan. What is your plan for handling situations that throw your financial well-being off track? Not all possible problematic circumstances can be anticipated. We all experience minor setbacks from time to time. They do not signal total failure. You have identified how you would respond to some possibilities and you can apply the same principles, managing your excuses and coming up with a plan of action based on what works for you, to any other unforeseen issues that may arise.

5) What support(s) can you put in place stay on course and successfully achieve your life of personal wealth and prosperity? Think about how your daily routine and connections can help to keep you motivated, and on track with your financial management goals.

6) Write yourself an encouraging statement about your confidence in your ability to cope with challenges to your financial management.

Engaging in financial well-being is a long term commitment to growth similar to what you do for yourself. It involves directing your money and is not without some risks. Ultimately this investment allows you to live the life you wish and as such beings its own reward.