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Taking Ownership of Your Life

“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work.” – Oprah Winfrey

Week Forty One

Over the past weeks you have revealed all the wonderful things you want to enjoy in your new life and focused your energy into self understanding. This clarity is allowing you to ask for more specific outcomes. This primes the stage to move into manifestation. Manifestation may require bringing yourself into greater alignment so that these outcome are a natural flow. This may be through removing remaining inner blocks, being open to receiving, or maintaining your dedication to the path you have chosen.
Living your truth isn’t a thing you should save for weekends or vacations. Notice your life becoming more creative, fulfilled, and joyful as you move into alignment with your innate wisdom.

Contemplate each of these questions as a brain storming exercise. List every possibility that occurs to you no matter how large or small – All the challenges you want to overcome. This is an overview of the many insights as to how you can improve your life you have generated since you began this program. consider your growth and development in every area of your life, personally, situationally, environmentally, and professionally. You will have already initiated some of them. You will know what is not yet complete by the amount of juice each item has.

1) What do you want to change?

2) What do you want to create?

3) What do you want to release, let go of, or forgive?

4) What do you want to avoid? And what will you do instead?

5) What are your fears?

6) What new behaviors and choices would you like to test out?

Your responses reveal all the ways you can make a difference to your life.

Sometimes the action identified can be nerve-racking, requiring a great deal of courage to engage. Coaching sessions can provide you with the additional support you might need to see it through. You are human and it is normal to be nervous about stepping up to the challenge. If this is you, please  reach out  to explore coaching and experience it first hand.