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Your Legacy

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” – Henry Longfellow

Week Thirty Eight

These questions are directed at identifying how you can apply your talents towards making your own unique contribution. Knowing what you are good at is one aspect of applying your skill. This clarity has been the focus of earlier exercises. Other aspects are finding out how you wish to express it as well as discovering the ways in which you can exhibit leadership with your gifts. This is the focus of the questions below.

1) Consider things that you are passionate about.
a. How would you like to be remembered?
b. What do you want to contribute? If you had a magic wand and could fix anything in the world, to make it better, what would you do and how?
c. What do you want to create?
d. How do you empower others?
The answers to these questions indicate possible life purpose. Reflect on your answers if you have given personal references consider what the global impact could be. If you have identified the effect on the community consider the impact on you personally.

2) Consider your personal narrative or life story and the ways in which you connect to self.
a. Which transformative experiences have given meaning to your life?
b. How do you foster your own self awareness?
c. How do you stay grounded?
d. How do you know when you are in denial?
The answers to these questions demonstrate your focus on self management and the ways in which you support yourself as you take your skills into the world and pursue your purpose.

3) At the deepest level, the human race has a shared purpose. Consider what you think is the purpose of humanity? I know this is a BIG question, but don’t be put off. You are a member of the human race and are equally qualified, along with everyone else, to answer it. Be still and listen. Visualize how humanity needs to grow and how you want to grow. Think about what the human race still needs to learn and what you need to learn. Reflect on what is your shared purpose with all of humanity.

These questions benefit you by revealing an agenda that it would be a joy for you to be a part of and that would also serve your growth as an individual.