One-on-One Coaching

I work with a few clients on an individual coaching basis. If you are interested in one-on-one life coaching with me here’s how to get started.

Step one: Please contact me to express an interest.

Step two: Look out for a response to your inquiry. I will share access to my client portal where you can schedule your initial consultation and find additional resources about what coaching is and the results I get. You will also be able to download a number of key exercises to support you in clarifying what you want out of life. These are the Wheel of Life Return on Investment Exercise, Pondering Questions, as well as a Rocking Chair Life Vision Exercise.

Step three: Please send me your responses to the Wheel of Life Return on Investment exercise. This helps me get to know you and what you would like to get from our partnership.

Step four: We will meet virtually and we will use the opportunity to make sure that we are a great fit.

Step five: We get started. If you decide to work with me, we will arrange our next meeting. If you do not decide to work with me, I will do my best to share other supportive resources.

Sessions last 60 minutes and are usually weekly or every other week for a minimum of three months. Individual sessions can be rearranged with notice to accommodate vacations, illness, or anything else unexpected that prevents your full participation. One-on-one coaching is primarily by video conference. You may also choose to compliment your individual coaching with selected coaching exercises. Each exercise in this year-long program utilizes a recognized coaching inquiry to target a specific area of challenge.

One on one coaching benefits

  • You have a full session of undivided attention from the coach devoted to your agenda alone.
  • You will experience a fully present and accepting environment for an objective exploration of all the possibilities available to you.
  • You will leave with greater clarity on your current situation and preferred outcomes.
  • You will gain insights into what works for you.
  • Your action items will be achieved through your motivated and targeted strategizing, and timetabling.
  • The action steps taken towards your goals are entirely your choice.
  • It takes energy to make changes for the better. Part of the coaching process is to manage sustainable and nourishing energy flow.

Please note that Life coaching is not the same as therapy, mentoring, consulting or counseling. If these are your requirements seek professional assistance in these areas.

Elizabeth partners with all those who understand the value of investing in themselves. Her clients include people from diverse walks of life who wish to enhance their skills in managing and directing their own growth.

Contact Elizabeth to find out more and experience a Free mini coaching first hand.

“Who looks outside dreams …. Who looks inside awakens” – Carl Jung


Having Liz as my coach this past year and a half has been transformative for me, and I am certain I would not have made such important strides in my personal and professional life without her. Before, I had trouble following through on things that were important to me and I frequently let my fears hold me back—but Liz champions the “bigger” me, holds me accountable and invites me to expand my comfort zone big time with caring support. Not only that, she gives bold feedback in a way that somehow never stings—and I know it’s not just her lovely English accent! I have gotten to know myself better in mind-body-and-spirit, and am excited about my present and future. Hiring Liz as your coach is the best gift you will give yourself!

Liz brings the Light to coaching with her uplifting awareness and insight.  She has helped me gain a better appreciation of what it truly means to be a conscious human being.  Her Soulful demeanor has touched me and inspired me to take a deeper look at my greater possibilities.  Liz is always generous with her time, considerate with your feelings, and creative in her approach to guiding you toward your deepest desires.  Don’t miss the opportunity to spend some quality time with her.

If it weren’t for the flexibility in time and venue of Liz’s Life Coaching practice, I would never have been able to see the turnaround in my life personally and professionally!  Before I began my series of coaching sessions, I was scattered, unaccomplished, and disillusioned personally and professionally.  Liz was focused on customizing our sessions to squarely address the barriers to success I was experiencing.  Through a series of inspection, exploration, and prescriptive exercises and work assignments, Liz guided me to a new perspective and outlook on my abilities and how tangible my goals were.  In these earliest weeks of 2014, I have already begun to see the results of taking charge of my work/life balancing act! I have found the time, motivation and courage to give attention to what matters to me most.  If you are tired of fulfillment in your life being on hold for the future, call Liz and schedule the first of your series of coaching sessions!  

In coaching with Liz, I have been able to get clear on my goals and create plans and action steps that are concrete and specific.  Liz does a great job of asking the challenging questions, uncovering limiting beliefs, helping me focus on moving forward and creating systems for accountability. She blends her keen intelligence and perception with a deep caring and intuition, creating a coaching style that feels supportive, focused, and energetic.  I highly recommend her as a coach!

Liz is a wonderful coach. My experience with her coaching style is that she is present and right there with you in whatever topic you may bring to the table.  I have had some topics wherein my greatest concern was how to handle emotional pressures.  At other times my need was around addressing fears or limited beliefs about myself and my capacity to handle all the responsibilities on my plate.  Many of my topics have concerned strategy and how I would best complete multiple projects and stay in integrity concerning my values while bringing my best to every aspect of my life.  One of my greatest desires is to stay true to my own values and be fully present to all aspects of my life and Liz’s ability to “hold space” for me to process and her ability to ask just the right questions at the right times has been and continues to be a true gift to me in my journey through the many challenges I have encountered.  She has partnered with me to face them, dig deep into self and rise by addressing gaps in my own capacity, mindset or skill to shift and see situations not so much as obstacles but rather –  opportunity. 

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