One-on-One Coaching

“Who looks outside dreams …. Who looks inside awakens” – Carl Jung

As a first step to partnering with me in One-on-One Life coaching, we will meet to chat about how coaching could support you. This gives you the opportunity to learn how coaching differs from other supportive conversations, clarify expectations, explore coaching possibilities and experience the process firsthand. Please connect and schedule this appointment.

Bronze Package – a term of 5 sessions.
Silver Package – a term of 15 sessions.
Gold Package – a term of 25 sessions.

Sessions last 60 minutes and payment may be made for the full amount in advance or through several payments over the term. Individual sessions can be rearranged with notice to accommodate vacations, illness or anything else unexpected that prevents your full participation. One-on-one coaching is primarily by phone, but occasionally may be held in person. You may also choose to compliment your individual coaching with selected coaching exercises. Each exercise in this year-long program utilizes a recognized coaching inquiry to target a specific area of challenge.

One on one coaching benefits

  • You have a full session of undivided attention from the coach devoted to your agenda alone.
  • You will experience a fully present and accepting environment for objective exploration of all the possibilities available to you.
  • You will leave with greater clarity on your current situation and preferred outcomes.
  • You will gain insights into what works for you.
  • Your action items will be achieved through your motivated and targeted strategizing, and timetabling.
  • The action steps taken towards your goals are entirely your choice.
  • It takes energy to make changes for the better. Part of the coaching process is to manage sustainable and nourishing energy flow.

Life coaching is not the same as therapy, mentoring, consulting or counseling. If these are your requirements seek professional assistance in these areas.