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It’s a Gift: Gratitude Brings Awareness to the Love in Your Life


Many people have a regular gratitude practice. It could be a daily meditative check-in, journal entry, or exchange with family/friends.

Gratitude is an emotion that connects you to your essential being. Vibrationally it is the receiving aspect of love. This means you can use thankfulness to experience more loving energy in your life.

“The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne is a great resource that applies this aspect of the Law of Attraction. The exercises in this workbook direct your attention to all the experiences, things, and qualities for which you are thankful.

You can be grateful for every aspect of life. This includes your thoughts, feelings, actions, responsibilities and property, and even the things that you dislike. When you are appreciative “I’ve got to” switches to “I get to” and you switch from identifying with lack to claiming abundance.

What are the five ways to leverage the gift of gratitude?

1) Acknowledge the grace in your thoughts

Your stream of consciousness reveals your underlying mindset. Paying attention to these aspects of self-talk brings awareness to how you define your limitations. These insights provide an opportunity to change your programming.

The monkey mind reveals the places which are unloved. If you make a statement from repeated thoughts that currently feel true you can immediately discern whether it is indeed a truth that you wish to embody. When it is not there is the option to release it and choose something different.

2) Be thankful for how you feel

It’s easy to be thankful when you feel good. More challenging emotions such as sadness and anxiety are much harder to receive with appreciation. Each one provides an impetus for engaging and creating. Even those that feel ‘negative’ provide a contrast that allows identification of what you want and are striving for.

3) Show gratitude for what is being presented for you to do

Each day there are actions you have to take. Some are embraced and some are not. If you don’t like the agenda there is a tendency to resist – putting it off and procrastinating. Turning into tasks you don’t like with enthusiasm can be challenging.

One way is to trust being in the right place at the right time for the right action. In other words, your engagements and things that are asked of you will all be for good. The actions you take allow the application or development of your unique skills.

Appreciating what you have

When in pursuit of your goals you may forget those already received. The things that are providing a platform for moving forward. Ther is a tendency to take stock of our possessions. However, what you have includes everything from your body to things to people. These aspects contribute to your ability to serve, enrich your experience, and stay healthy.

Finding the blessing in what you dislike

What these practices also do is connect you to the things that you do not like so much and provide the opportunity to find the blessing in them. In this way, you let go of things that you would deny or suppress. Any contraction is instead allowed to flow and this means it does not get in the way of your ability to create.

There is a gift in everything that is presented. This practice opens the way to receiving that, to being abundance and to being fully engage in the experience of life.

Image by digital designer from Pixabay