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Mastermind Groups: Why You Must Engage


Irrespective of your career choice, being connected with people who have similar goals to you is a great way to optimize your long-term progress. Meeting regularly with a mastermind or focus group provides opportunities for authentic sharing, learning, being of support, accountability, and lasting friendship.

If you want to become a professional coach, a mastermind group provides a sounding board for every stage of growth and development as a coach and in business. If you are not already part of one, think about who might be a great fit for such a group from your connections, training, or through social media. Decide what you would like to get out of it and how it might be run. Many meet monthly and provide each person an opportunity to take to the floor and talk about current goals, challenges, and discoveries.

Mastermind Benefits

This is a group where outcomes are definitely more than a sum of the parts. Here are five reasons why masterminds radically improve your success.

1) Authentic Sharing

These people speak your language! It’s always wonderful to be with those who have similar interests. These individuals will likely have similar values that have motivated them to prioritize coaching. Unlike most others in your social circle, these colleagues will relate fully to what it is to be a coach. And, they will also get what it is to be an entrepreneur. This understanding of specific common issues can be invaluable. You can share insight as you face similar growing edges together. In addition, you can celebrate each others’ breakthroughs and successes with a greater appreciation of the challenges faced and the progress made.

It is a forum for you to talk about your plans for adding coaching skills, services, products, and systems. As you explain you are also able to objectively experience the merits of your ideas. You can fine-tune them or even completely reevaluate. You can share what you are hoping to achieve and the reasons why as well as how you are planning to go about it.

2) Learning

You will be coming across resources that can support your own journey. These things may also be of benefit to the other people in your mastermind. This might include training options, books, information, new coaching tools and techniques, opportunities or shifts in the industry, and pertinent business practices.

You can share your discoveries and the things that you are experimenting with and receive other perspectives. Each person has their own areas of expertise. This makes it delightful to hear from them as they offer insight on things that may not be your strengths or that you have not yet considered.

3) Being of support

You become part of their network and they part of yours. This means that you can introduce people for a referral or to collaborate.

You might be of support by taking part in or promoting the offerings your colleagues create. When you act as an affiliate by recommending their products or services you are participating with them in a joint venture. You receive a percentage of any purchases made through your marketing channels.

Your colleagues provide both friendly cooperation and friendly competition. Life happens and you will progress at different rates, but each person can act as a mentor in some area of proficiency. Every member offers and welcomes feedback and, of course, a little coaching 😊.

4) Accountability

Regular mastermind meetings are inspiring and motivating. It is exciting to hear what others have achieved and to share your own progress. There is tremendous power in stating what you are going to do that increases your commitment to follow through. If you encounter unexpected obstacles this is also the perfect place to be accountable for finding a way through.

5) Lasting Friendship

People that walk the path with you share some of the most profound experiences of your life. This makes these connections really special. I have been in a mastermind with several colleagues from my initial coach training since 2012. We have supported each other in all these ways as well as in other areas of life. I consider them my family.

What is your experience with a mastermind group?

Image by kathHochschulgemeinde from Pixabay