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Motivate Yourself: Key#5 Never Give Up

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Never give up

The last key in this series is to never give up. Once you know exactly what you want, and begin to take action on it, applying a positive framework, and moving forward even when you are scared, you must persist even when you experience setbacks. Here are some practices that will carry you through when you encounter obstacles or make mistakes.

1) Hold Yourself in High Esteem

Perceive yourself as extraordinary. Know what you are really good at, your strengths, gifts, and talents, and deeply appreciate them. Believe in the unique contribution that you are making and pledge to honor this even when it feels like no-one else is.

2) Don’t be too Hard on Yourself

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Mistakes and hiccups do not become part of your identity unless you allow them to be. Be thankful for the opportunity to grow and for the discoveries that you make. Once you uncover how the experience benefits you, just release it and move on. Allow yourself to be human and take a time out for recuperation every now and then but overall never give up.

3) Pick Yourself Up

Keep trying until you find a way. When you come up against a problem, remember that it is a work in progress and take time to acknowledge the journey and how far you have come. Identify something specific that you have done that was a success, reaffirm your commitment, and rebuild your agreement with yourself. Learn all you can from errors and hold-ups and refine your future actions accordingly. Revisit the fundamentals of your plan to reach your goals, and rethink how you can move forward incorporating what you learned from the recent setback. This will strengthen your ability to handle other possible obstacles and make your plan even more effective.

Never giving up or refusing to quit is supported by the regard you hold yourself in, giving yourself a break from time to time, and dusting yourself off for another attempt if you get knocked down.  This is the fifth key to managing your motivation to make you unstoppable. The other four keys to motivating yourself are #1 Know Absolutely What You Want, #2 Get Something Done, #3 Check Your Fears at the Gate, and #4 Be Optimistic. Apply techniques to support each of these principles to keep yourself passionately engaged and making progress on your goals.

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