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Whatever Arises Love That: Review and coaching application


Today, I want to share another fantastic book. This one is by best-selling author, YouTube personality, spiritual teacher, and healer Matt Kahn. “Whatever arises love that: A love revolution that begins with you” provides simple practices to get to know and appreciate yourself and bring greater joy into your life.

Matt describes how he received and began to practice the inspiration “Whatever arises love that”. He shares his journey as an empath connecting with spiritual masters and developing using his intuition to deliver divine messages. As part of this process, he gained access to the Akashic Records (a library of books containing soul contracts). When the wisdom of each lifetimes soul contract is absorbed and understood, it is cleared from the records. Applying what he shares is a way to accelerate this process and become more consciously aware.

Addressing an overstimulated nervous system

Survival as a baby meant providing context for your experiences. However, the development of this framework and its inherent polarity gradually obscured your natural way of being. According to Matt, “Ego is the imaginary identity of the overstimulated nervous system.” When the ego is overstimulated your attention span is shorter and you switch between demanding more and then less. Egoic inflammation can be righteous, victimized, entitled, or needy. Overstimulation is similar to an allergic reaction where you cannot process what is occurring and therefore experience lows interspersed with highs.

You unravel your overstimulated nervous system by being radically honest and confessing the nature of your experiences to yourself. This in turn makes it easier to share intimately with others. As you turn with love towards these tendencies to demand more or less, you become more relaxed. You awaken out of every expectation and belief and construct including those of insights until only the truth of love remains.

Awakening occurs gradually according to what the nervous system can handle. The release of your identity is tied to this relaxation of the nervous system. However, making spiritual growth urgent can add to the stimulation.

Four types of ‘egoic’ inflammation:

  • Righteous: a compulsion to be right and identify what is wrong. Spiritual righteousness is judging the journey of others.
  • Victimized: a compulsive view of life as unfair, a feeling of being invisible and inferior, a tendency to be superstitious and stagnate. Spiritual victimhood is blaming for not having received or for having lost.
  • Entitled: a compulsion to have that dominates over any consequences of having. Spiritual entitlement is losing sight of the diversity of others.
  • Needy: a compulsion for seeking attention. Spiritual neediness is compulsively working on awareness and vibration.

The nervous system becomes inflamed by making lower vibrational conditional choices based on return. When choices are made from higher vibrational with compassion and loving acceptance, it is calmed. When you trust that everything is provided for you and that what you need will be given, you bring your thinking and feeling into alignment with love.

Using loving responses to calm this overstimulation

This means turning with love towards your inner and outer experience (with yourself, others, and the situation)

Making peace with emotions on an inner and outer level requires being honest and vulnerable. Allow that both good and bad emotions are equally deserving of love. Matt invites you to move through sensations by feeling them and welcoming feeling them. Doing so brings relief as well as freedom from oscillating between polarities. You are in effect taking the role of both the child (innocent) and the parent (wise elder). Tuning in to any emotional discomfort with loving attention allows you to release it from your field more rapidly. Aligning your words and action in love is not about answering questions intellectually, but instead viscerally with a focus on releasing any fight or resistance.

Ways to shift to the vibration of love:

  1. Acknowledge that you may not know how to love to open the door to love.
  2. Create a personal love statement – Identify the words that you would like to hear from others and say them to yourself.
  3. Say ‘I love you’ to the inner you and to every experience to rewrite the subconscious mind.
  4. Give love permission to make choices on your behalf (do what you would like to experience).
  5. Cultivate love in your life by offering it freely.
  6. Slow down and relax to maintain integrity with your heart and allow full integration of awareness.
  7. Engage your innocence with the attentiveness of a loving parent to calm the mind and unlock heart.
  8. Be honest in the experience of emotional mental and physical pain. Own your weariness, lack of control, desire to be free.
  9. Embrace confusion or lack of clarity as a catalyst for growth and expansion.
  10. Use heartfelt compliments as a way not to take on another’s dense vibration.
  11. Listen deeply with loving attention even if you don’t agree.
  12. Provide healing though giving space and permission to speak.

Taking the time to implement any one or all of these over a period of time is a fantastic way to connect more deeply with yourself. For me, coaching is a fundamentally spiritual process that is about raising awareness. You can apply these practices intentionally through a partnership with a coach or through personal commitment. All techniques that allow you to raise your vibration and connect with love in a deeper way unlock your potential and these are some of the best.

Image by dandelion_tea from Pixabay