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Self-Coaching Program

The coaching framework is a dialogue that is usually applied in conversation with another. However, it can also be used powerfully to hold a conversation with yourself. The exercises in this self-coaching program are available to anyone who is committed to investing in themselves either by contemplating these coaching questions alone or in partnership with another. These exercises make up a 360-degree coaching experience that will cover all domains of your life over the course of a year. They can support you in getting to know yourself better. You will learn more about what excites you and how to get the best out of yourself.

Each week has a number of questions. You can set a day aside to cover them in their entirety or spread them out over the seven days. Inquiring in-depth, as to what you are and are not, over time, makes you fundamentally aware of the transience of your viewpoint. These scripts are not really you, but just a form of expression at this point in time. They assist you in framing your powerful intentions for this moment. At the end of each week, outline how you are inspired to carry the process forward. This will bring momentum to your journey and as you experience the flow eventually surrender to the process.

Contemplate the questions in each exercise in this Self-Coaching Program allowing them to percolate through you. Taking time to see what evolves from a line of thought is a way to access your inner wisdom. You do not need to rush. Allow your intuition time to respond. You can meditate on them, journal on them, or invite discussion with someone who knows you well. Pondering these questions over a period of time will provide you with an expansive picture of your ideal life and the legacy you want to leave. As you take this time to clarify your vision for the future, you will find that inspiration can occur at any time. Jot down the things that come to you in your journal or notebook. Capturing these gems will provide you with a great reference point to remind you of your brilliance and what you are striving to manifest.

Week One: Who Are You?

Week Two: Turning a Page for Success

Week Three: Expressing Love

Week Four: Your Deepest Wish

Week Five: Your Energy Ups and Downs

Week Six: Where do I Have Reserve in My Life?

Week Seven: Proactive Energy Management

Week Eight: Taking a Risk: Costs and Benefits

Week Nine: The Impact of Loose Ends

Week Ten: Your Level of Empowerment

Week Eleven: Uncovering Current Beliefs About Money

Week Twelve: Cherishing Exchange

Week Thirteen: Meeting Your Needs

Week Fourteen: Living Your Values

Week Fifteen: Financial Perspectives

Week Sixteen: Identifying Your Talents

Week Seventeen: Aligning Your Money Habits With Your Priorities

Week Eighteen: What Do You Admire?

Week Nineteen: Reflecting on Your Vision

Week Twenty: Clarifying Life Purpose

Week Twenty-One: Creating Loving Acceptance

Week Twenty-Two: You Have Already Done It

Week Twenty-Three: Your Capacity for Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

Week Twenty-Four: Tracking Your Time

Week Twenty-Five: Making The Most of Your Time

Week Twenty-Six: Prioritizing Healthy Practices

Week Twenty-Seven: Making Time for Your Priorities

Week Twenty-Eight: Locating the Fear Blocks That Hold You Back

Week Twenty-Nine: Estimating Time Accurately

Week Thirty: Path Alignment

Week Thirty-One: Financial Potential

Week Thirty-Two: Examining the Judging Mind

Week Thirty-Three: From Surviving to Thriving

Week Thirty-Four: Making and Keeping Promises

Week Thirty-Five: Ideal Balance

Week Thirty-Six: Where Do You Need To Say NO Right Now?

Week Thirty-Seven: Your System For Managing Yourself Through Time

Week Thirty-Eight: Your Legacy

Week Thirty-Nine: Investing in Financial Well Being

Week Forty: Sharing Deeply

Week Forty-One: Taking Ownership of Your Life

Week Forty-Two: Establishing Your Mission

Week Forty-Three:  Examining Boundary Pitfalls

Week Forty-Four: Trickle Back

Week Forty-Five: Your Time Allocation

Week Forty-Six: Being Your Power

Week Forty-Seven: Planning for Future Obstacles

Week Forty-Eight: Optimal Closeness

Week Forty-Nine: Crafting Action

Week Fifty: Becoming The Best You

Week Fifty-One: Embracing Your Power

Week Fifty-Two: Staying on Track with Your Designed Life


In addition to engaging in the exercises in the Self-Coaching Program, you can further discover where you gain energy and inspiration by adding On-on-One Life Coaching sessions. Explore what is uniquely important for you with this additional support on identifying and making changes. Connect with Elizabeth to experience this firsthand in a free mini-coaching session – no commitment required. It is time to breathe, have fun, and nurture your soul.

With Elizabeth as your Life Coaching partner, you will magnify the experience of your inner truth and reconnect with the sense that the world is your oyster. Step by step, the shifts you select will fulfill your uniquely empowered blueprint.

Satisfy your curiosity about Elizabeth and her experience, and credentials and learn why My Spire was chosen.

Lead Image by Paul McGowan from Pixabay