PQ Program for Mental Fitness

Wouldn’t you like to experience Mental Fitness

I began my life coaching journey in 2012 having already worked for many years with the research and teaching of psychology. As I became more familiar with the power of coaching I began to dream that coaching tools and techniques would find their way into mainstream everyday experience. I want the Mental Fitness provided by coaching to be common knowledge just like the basic principles of diet and exercise that support our physical fitness.

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The Positive Intelligence PQ program addresses this wish directly. To say that it is revolutionary would be an understatement. Following from his bestselling book by the same name, and drawing on his experience as CEO of the Coach Training Institute, Shirzad Chamine has combined life coaching tools with a support system that is second to none. It derives its power from going beyond treating the symptoms to tackling the root causes.

Mental fitness is a measure of the activation of your positive (Sage) versus your negative (Saboteur) frameworks. Just like physical fitness following from consistent choices to exercise and eat well, Mental Fitness just requires repeated engagement in certain practices. Alongside this evidence-based program, all it takes to achieve Mental Fitness is a minimum of 2 minutes, 3 times a day!

Your path to Mental Fitness begins with an assessment that identifies your Saboteurs. These are the gremlins or negative mindsets that hold you back from reaching your full potential. You can check this out for free here.

This assessment tool provides stunning insight all by itself, telling you what your primary negative response patterns are and detailing how they are characterized. However, there is even more. I am a graduate of the first level of PQ training. As I continue my training I am able to facilitate your own mental fitness journey. I have been given access to Shirzad’s complete six-week program to share with you. I will be your guide to deepening your understanding of your saboteurs. And, I will support your integration of new sage response patterns that allow you to reach more of your potential.

Shirzad’s PQ Program usually sells for $995.00 –
You can access exactly the same content here with me as your facilitator for Half price at only $497.00

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PQ program content:

Week One – Boost Self-Command
Week Two – Intercept the Judge
Week Three – Accomplice Saboteurs
Week Four – Shift to Sage
Week Five – Boost Sage Powers
Week Six – Taking Action

This six-week program includes:

  • Weekly video content. Shirzad shares how to recognize and weaken each Saboteur and replace your conditioned responses with those from love (i.e. your Sage or wise self.
  • Positive Intelligence pdf. The first eight chapters of Shirzad Chamine’s bestselling book “Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours.”
  • Weekly meetings with your pod. Your pod is a small group or one-on-one interaction that provides additional support, accountability, and shared experience.
  • Daily practice. This increases your mental fitness by literarily rewiring your brain (strengthening your Sage and self-command neural pathways).
  • Connection and Support. There is a forum for any queries you have regarding accessing or responding to the materials.
  • Access to the PQ app. This is where you receive daily content in the form of podcasts and reflection questions. It also includes a record of your progress and a library of PQ rep resources and visualization audios.
App Daily Practice
App Mental Fitness Gym
App Modules

The new awareness from taking the Positive Intelligence self-saboteur assessment is added to by the information shared in the videos, the content shared in the app, and the exchanges in the pod groups. You learn how to do mental fitness exercise (PQ reps) to create lasting change.

There is one video each week where Shirzad shares and provides greater insight into increasing your mental fitness by weakening the saboteurs and activating your sage. Each one lasts about an hour and you can watch it at your convenience as soon as possible after release. Even though is it a recording it has a live feeling to it and you feel like he is talking to you. Shirzad is clearly passionate about what he is doing and makes every member of his community feel appreciated. Each video supports learning with great stories, visual aids, and experiential segments.

The app is also fantastic. It’s easy to use and brilliantly complements the information that you receive in the videos. It really supports you in taking the work deeper. It provides accountability through notifications and visual representations of your progress with PQ reps. In addition, a focus is released each day, along with three brief coach challenges and a daily reflection. Each of these activities takes about 2 minutes. This pauses at the weekend which is reserved for watching the video and for one day each week when you have your pod meeting. I would do my PQ reps in the morning with tea, in the shower, at lunch, out in nature. There were many possibilities to incorporate them into your daily routines.

In your pod meeting each week you discuss what has been shared through the video and the app. It is wonderful to be able to talk about your experiences with a Saboteur or what is coming up for you as a result of engaging. I will facilitate your pod experience and provide additional coaching during the pod or at a different time.

I have been fortunate to learn directly from Shirzad as he shares his work with coaches around the world. Now, I am thrilled to be able to be a facilitator of this course for you.

Have you ever said ‘Yes’ when you wanted to say ‘No’?
Are you overextended because you want to be involved in absolutely everything?
Do you feel like you are the only one keeping everyone safe?
Does everything have to be perfect?
Do you find yourself continually chasing more credentials?
Is your balance upset for long periods when things go wrong?
Have you ever thought that all emotion is a waste of time?
Do you strive to avoid negative experiences at all costs?
Are you driven to do all you can to make situations predictable?

If you can relate to any one of these, that is your negative Saboteur framework taking charge.

Do you suffer from anger, guilt, shame and fear? Perhaps you believe that negative emotions actually benefit you by keeping you on track?

Negative emotions may motivate some success. However, they do not generate happiness or the level of performance possible when you are expanded rather than contracted. One way to think about negative emotions is by comparing them to the experience of physical pain. If you hurt yourself physically you do your best to remove and heal your wound. The pain alerts you to something that needs immediate attention.  What do you do though if you hurt yourself mentally?

You can use negative emotions to alert you to do something differently that allows you to switch from the negative state. Imagine experiencing less anger, guilt, shame, and fear. These stressors get in the way of happiness and sabotage your possibilities. They prompt you to do things like seeking perfection, looking for problems everywhere, or saying Yes when you don’t want to.

I do this work because I want each one of us to be more joyful and consciously empowered. I believe that this healing will be reflected in the nurture of our planet and our relationships with each other.

Ideal Candidates for the PQ Program

Firstly, thank you so much for reading this. I am grateful for your time and interest. And, I appreciate you for wanting to be the difference this world needs by working on yourself.

This program is perfect for you if you want more peace of mind, happiness, and success in your life. Who doesn’t want that 😊.

It is for you if have dreams that you are unable to move forward with. It’s not for you if you don’t want more out of life.

Most of all it is a great fit for those that are willing to engage courageously. That is, commit to doing the work even when the going gets tough. Do not engage if you doubt you will be able to follow through.

Here’s what is covered in the six-week PQ Mental Fitness Program.

Week One – Boost Self-Command

Self-command is your ability to switch from negative Saboteur frameworks to positive Sage ones. The two keys to this are to first catch your Saboteur in the act and second to use PQ reps. PQ reps are short exercises that create space allowing you to be more objective and access your inner wisdom. Instead of your thoughts spinning on autopilot these 10-second engagements allow you to take the wheel and chart your direction. With regular use, you can become calm, and clear-headed even when undertaking great challenges.

Week Two – Intercept the Judge

Positive Intelligence ©

This is the voice in your head that evaluates everything against the mindsets that you have in place. To the Judge, everything is relative, allowing comparison against yourself, others, and your circumstances. When activated your judge wants to rank everything against your good and bad ideals. It uses the mindset associated with your most prevalent or accomplice Saboteurs to make these judgments.

Week Three – Accomplice Saboteurs

Positive Intelligence ©

As outlined in Shirzad’s best selling book, there are nine Saboteurs (in addition to Judge). These Saboteurs arise from responses learned in childhood to manage the environment you experience at that time. They provided ways for you to feel safe. They are often not conscious, but influence the way you think, feel, and behave. Each one has a distinct motivation.

Controller: driven to take charge and control situations and people’s actions to one’s own will.
Stickler: excessive requirement for order, perfection, and organization.
Avoider: focusses on the positive and pleasant in an extreme way.
Hyper-Achiever: overidentifies with external success, and achievement for self-respect and self-validation.
Pleaser: gains acceptance and affection by helping, pleasing, rescuing, or flattering others.
Victim: uses personal pain through emotional and temperamental behavior as a way to gain attention and affection.
Restless: constantly in search of greater excitement and distracted by the possibility of a better experience.
Hyper-Vigilant: perpetually anxious about the dangers and what could go wrong.
Hyper-Rational: applies rational processing to everything, including relationships.

Week Four – Shift to Sage

Positive Intelligence ©

The Sage perspective is that every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity. Adopting this perspective allows you to experience your unique true joyful self. The way that you are in when you are in a place of positive flow, grace, creativity, and clear focus.

The Stallion Story reinforces that we cannot know what is bad or good or what the blessing can be even in the most challenging circumstances.

By using PQ reps to shift into looking for the gift you can apply the Sage powers. The five Sage powers are Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. Each one has merit depending on the needs of the situation. Your ability to identify the gift and the power to adopt is amplified by implementing the Three Gifts Technique of Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration.

Week Five – Boost Sage Powers

This week is about remembering the Sage that you are. This is beautifully illustrated by the story of the Burmese army invading Thailand and looting and ransacking.

The Sage power of Empathy, towards yourself, in particular, is often the weakest power. Use the visualize the child technique to connect with your essence. Children are more present and in flow with the moment so you can reconnect with the beauty and joy of existing in this form of expression. This is a powerful way to move into deep love and appreciation for your core being. It is an opportunity to move out of Judge and release Saboteurs. Most Saboteurs began as a way to keep you safe and manage your fears as a child when you had limited capacity to deal with what might have been presented.

Week Six – Taking Action

The Innovate power is about improving an initial idea. Do this by listening with an open mind and looking for the positive in what you hear. Respond with “What I like about that idea is …” And continue with adding another idea that is derived from what you liked about the original idea.

The Activate power is about taking action with a clear mind and a laser focus. Do this by Pre-empting the Saboteur. Here you look for all the negative frameworks that could provide obstacles and identify how you could re-frame them. I.e. visualize shifting from Saboteur to Sage.

The physicality of the Sage is the idea that you can prime your Sage response by deliberately adopting certain body positions. For example, lean forward with curiosity to engage the Explore power or sit up straight and feel your spine to engage the Activate power.

These activities also demonstrate what it is like to feel and fully experience each of these Sage powers.

This PQ Program usually sells for $995.00 – Right now I am offering a 50% discount. You pay $497.00

Access coming soon …

PQ Program Benefits and Outcomes

On completion of this program you will be:

  • an expert at PQ reps and the different modalities you can use.
  • able to stop negative frameworks in their tracks through the use of PQ reps and shift out of this experience into something more uplifting and growth orientated.
  • a master at recognizing your Judge and identifying and weakening the accomplice Saboteurs that partner with your Judge. In some cases, this may include becoming aware of them for the very first time.
  • skilled with the five Sage powers Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate through the Three Gifts Technique.
  • able to leverage the physicality of your Sage powers and implement the five Sage power games of Visualize the Child, Fascinated Anthropologist, Yes … And, Flash Forward, and Preempt the Saboteur.

Most importantly you will be happier in yourself and experiencing less stress and increased productivity. Overall, all these things contribute to a better quality of life.

There is a six-week program that will propel you to a new state of being,
one where you are consistently more
calm, &
What is preventing you from diving in?

I don’t have time to do this now. Will there be an opportunity in the future?

Your Mental Fitness is fundamental to your ability to manage your time and energy. This program supports your self-management across all areas of life. Weakening your Saboteurs and strengthening your Sage will support you in coping with stressors. So check in with your inner self as to whether this is a priority on which you want to take action.

Success requires commitment and engagement. If this calls to you and it is not possible to fully participate right now, there will be a possibility to enroll later.

Below is an overview of the schedule with an additional weekly pod meeting time to be determined by you.

Positive Intelligence ©

I don’t have the money to do this now.

This is more about the impact you believe it will have and how important this type of personal growth is to you. If you value it enough you will make it happen. Shirzad prices his program at $995.00. This price is already extremely generous in terms of the value and impact that Mental Fitness will have on your life. However, I am offering a substantial discount. Future pricing and delivery may change.

The program will not add much that I can’t do by myself or find out elsewhere for free.

In this case, I would have to answer a resounding NO. The synthesis that has gone into the work would take you many years. The combination of the app support system format and delivery, pod accountability, and video content are unique and extremely high quality. Many people who have decades of mindfulness practice say that the distributed practice that is a core feature of this program catapulted their experience to the next level.

This program seems to be touchy-feely, the world requires more harshness.

Operating from Sage empowers you because it provides a range of responses that allow you to handle the most demanding environments with ease. The five Sage powers (Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate) have different levels of masculine and feminine energy. In today’s tough environment, all are needed depending on the circumstances. This range of laser focussed responses allows you to step out of your automated fear-based Saboteur programming. Instead of coming from judgment, you can be discerning and lead yourself and others with flexibility. Accessing this wisdom “in the moment” also allows others to do the same.

This program draws from the core principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and performance science. The research includes 100’s of CEOs and their executive teams, Stanford students, world-class athletes, 500,000 students from 50 countries. Research summarized in Positive intelligence translated into 20 languages. Factor analysis identifies three core muscles of mental fitness saboteur interceptor, sage, and self-command.

Can this short program really shift Negative (Saboteurs) to Positive (Sage)?

Yes, but the speed and strength of the shift depends on mental muscle strength. And, these skills are crucial to every other goal you set for yourself.

100% risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If at any time in the first thirty days you decide the PQ Program is not providing you with the opportunity to achieve lasting behavioral change, just send me a note and I will refund your money no questions asked.

Do I have the skill to get the mental fitness results?

The PQ reps are guided so no prior knowledge is needed. The app compares your progress with the amount needed to experience breakthrough so you are supported and guided to the optimum level of engagement. Have fun and show up for a few minutes several times each day.

This PQ Program usually sells for $995.00 – This limited time offer is one payment of $497.00

Access coming soon …

Any questions about the PQ 6-week program please contact me.

Brain Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Judge, Saboteur, Sage, Book cover, Schedule images sourced from Shirzad Chamine, Positive Intelligence ©