Coaching is all about getting better results. When you target making small changes to improve your life they add up over time to have a massive impact.

Think about two people starting from exactly the same place. They have the same time and energy and access to resources.

The first person directs their efforts into getting things done. They take action and move forward gradually achieving the goals they set themselves. When obstacles arise it can take some time to work around them. Sometimes they are effective and sometimes not so much, but they make progress and do okay.

The second person directs their efforts at the methods of getting things done. They achieve the goals they set for themselves and identify how to be more productive, and efficient. When obstacles arise they inquire as to what can be done differently to make it easier. Their increased performance over time gives them greater self-confidence and self-esteem as well as the ability to lead by example. They excel.

When you learn how to apply the coaching framework in your daily life you can effectively coach yourself to achieve your goals. Coaching tools and techniques provide ways of questioning your methods. In other words, what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Some target your inner workings: These focus on self-alignment and connection to your inner wisdom. This reveals how you might be getting in your own way due to conflicting priorities or beliefs.

Others target external functioning: These take what you are inspired to do and turn it into an executable plan.

All allow you to make space for what needs to emerge and increase your clarity, confidence, and commitment.

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