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Coaching is all about getting better results. When you target making small changes to improve your life they add up over time to have a massive impact.

Think about two people starting from exactly the same place. They have the same time and energy and access to resources.

The first person is primarily externally motivated and concerned with doing their best. They take action by focusing on the executable plan without much reflection on their mindset or emotional response. When obstacles arise it can take some time to work around them as they tend to focus on an external fix. Sometimes they are effective and sometimes not so much, but they make progress and do okay gradually achieving the goals they set themselves.

The second person is primarily internally motivated and concerned with being their best. They take action based on their intuition and the joy of engaging with their growing edge. When obstacles arise they inquire as to what can be changed internally to make it easier. Over time they effectively coach themselves to release limiting beliefs and transcend negative emotions. They experience greater happiness and excel at achieving the goals they set for themselves.

The second person is seeking self-alignment and connection to their inner wisdom. This leads to learning how they are getting in their own way due to conflicting priorities or beliefs and emotional reactivity. As they change how they respond, they gain mastery over what they think and feel. I call this process flow manifestation. This brings greater mental fitness and emotional intelligence.

Top Ten books on Flow Manifestation and Self-Alignment

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