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It is my intention with these blog posts to spread a little joy and happiness. More than this though, I also wish to share things that I have supported and served my life coach entrepreneur journey. For your ease of use, posts are divided into three positively uplifting categories.


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Coaching Modalities

The Coaching Modalities Category includes the many tools and techniques that are associated with the coaching framework. These are the things that I have found to be beneficial to the development and nurturing of my spirit. In other words, these coaching techniques are all ways to access a better relationship with yourself and with others. They provide a way into connecting with the divine and increasing awareness.

I intend to cover topics like Meditation, Tapping, Inspirational Readings, Supporting Apps, Addressing Mindset and how to apply these principles by yourself with Self-Coaching.

If you want to know more about coaching as a skillset and actively managing your inner world check out the posts in the Coaching Modality Category.

Healthy Lifestyle

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Coaching Healthy Lifestyle

The Coaching Healthy Lifestyle Category includes how I choose to apply the coaching framework in the way that I develop and nurture my body. This means the ways in which we contribute to our daily experience through the way we manage our consumption, our time, and our space so that it enriches and supports us.

I intend to cover topics such as Nutrition, Hydration, Time Management, Massage, Ayurveda, and Yoga. I am vegetarian and I believe there is a great deal of scope for exciting and delicious food with this lifestyle choice that has not yet been fully developed. I want to share the kind of routines and habits that I have found to increase encounters with grace and presence in my life.

If you want to know more about options to actively manage your outer world to provide a foundation to excel check out the Coaching Healthy Lifestyle Category.


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Coaching Business

The Coaching Business Category includes the career and finance side of our aspirations. In other words, how I apply the coaching framework in meeting my vocational goals as a Life Coaching Entrepreneur.

I intend to cover topics such as Branding, Niche, use of Social media and Blogs, and Enrollment among the many elements of delivering on sales and marketing and providing exceptional value. My application of each of these is heart-centered

If you want to know more about the things that I do to successfully manage multiple streams of income derived from Life coaching check out the Coaching Business Category.

If you would prefer to go on a soul journey by viewing all blog posts in archived order, like a traditional blog, go here. If you have any comments on what you read or requests for a post please share.

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