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Transform and Manifest

Welcome to our virtual meetup groups designed to radically accelerate your success by using the principles of flow manifestation.

Our transform and manifest meetups occur several times every month. Meetings include mindful co-working, Tapping for Transformation, Law of Attraction for Your Desired Change, and Prayer circles. Find out when we are meeting here.

Go ahead and download the workbook we will use in our meetings. This is yours to keep as a self-coaching resource whether you are able to join or not.

Mindful Co-Working

This is a virtual coworking meeting where the time is dedicated to taking specific goal-orientated action. You are invited to share where you intend to make meaningful progress. The steps you take or initiate during this time are directly related in some way to your overall vision for your future. This meeting is coordinate by Lisa Joy Tuttle who is is an executive skills coach, career coach, health+wellness coach, and founder of the popular Mindful Self-Management® psychoeducational executive skills coaching groups at the Penn Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program.

Mindful co-working includes planning and connection and two cycles of the Pomodoro technique whereby you engage for 25 minutes on your task then take a short break for self-care and check-in before repeating.

Tapping for Transformation

The Tapping for Transformation meeting is your opportunity to learn about and apply this Emotional Freedom Technique to the areas of your life where strong negative emotions are showing up. Tapping is described as psychological acupressure that can miraculously relieve physical pain and emotional distress.

Tapping can be applied to expanding your growing edge – any area of stress or tension. These are the places where you feel stuck, or that you are avoiding because they are uncomfortable or frightening.

Tapping can also be applied to your inspired vision. There is extraordinary power in speaking out your desires and having others be a part of your prayer. This is an opportunity to elaborate on your dreams. The aspects of your life that you are ready to grow into. The possibilities that you want to explore.

Guided Tapping

Guided Tapping is directed to specific topics advertised in advance.

Law of Attraction for Your Desired Change

Law of Attraction for Your Desired Change is a round table meeting where we discuss universal laws and principles of the law of attraction. This increases commitment for what you want, clarity about what is getting in the way, and confidence about getting it done. 

Prayer Circle

The prayer circle is an opportunity to take some time to meditate on what we would like to receive and be appreciative for. 

Benefits of the Insight Exchange

I believe that just like you don’t need a fitness trainer to work out and get physically fit you also don’t have to have a life coach to get mentally fit. The Insight Exchange offers you the experience of coaching techniques so that you can take these skills with you and incorporate them into your life as needed. It provides a supportive environment that removes some of the impediments to your success. And, it delivers techniques that allow you to be more intentional and accountable for reaching your goals. You benefit from shared experience and a range of perspectives as brought forth by group members, though any decision on a course of action is yours.

In addition, you gain space to access your own inner wisdom resulting in shifts in awareness and insight. You also gain greater inspiration and the clarity and confidence to move forward with your plans. Members let go of the things that are no longer serving them and embrace new ways of being. This meetup is a way to connect with your essence, purpose, and mission.

What people are saying

“It has been very helpful for me to be tapping (an Emotional Freedom Technique) with Elizabeth.  Before attending Elizabeth’s tapping classes, I needed support and inspiration to do the tapping.  While tapping with Elizabeth, I have found her voice and presence to be soothing and encouraging. This helps to make the process easier, allowing me to more easily work with difficult beliefs, memories, and feelings. I have also found Elizabeth’s tapping scripts highly insightful, helping me to make profound connections and shifts. With this newfound support and experience in tapping, I feel encouraged that I can have a more active part in changing my life.  If you are looking to move along with your goals and to feel better, I recommend you to try tapping with Elizabeth.”

-Debi R.

Images by kalhh, Gerd Altmann, and PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay