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Becoming The Best You

“Nothing is true unless it works. And it has to work for you, not for someone else.” – Raymond Charles Barker

Week Fifty

This week is all about consolidation and noticing how you are growing. As you have completed the exercises each week, your way of engaging with life has shifted to an exploration of the self. You have instilled new ways of being with yourself and habits that serve progression.

1) How does your purpose provide you with a framework for living in integrity?

2) How will you know you are presenting a fuller expression of yourself?
What will indicate that you are on purpose and in alignment with who you want to be? Or How will you know whether your new practices are working?

3) What might prevent you from being true to yourself?
Sometimes it may seem safer not to reveal who we really are or our deepest desires because how others react has a lot more impact. What might hold you back from full expression of your talents and further development of your natural gifts?

4) What kinds of support have you that nurture your ability to grow?
Which practices aid you in remaining centered and clear about your path. Witnessing and making lifestyle changes requires deep commitment and discipline. Consider who will get behind you fully and give you a boost when needed. Pay attention to and accommodate what your body is asking of you. You are not an automaton and your energy needs may vary from day to day. If circumstances require that you tap into your reserves how will you incorporate some restorative time later?

5) What steps are you taking to enjoy this life?
What is your schedule for pursuing your passion?

This exercise benefits you by revealing how far you have come and that you can have faith in your continued growth. Self inquiry brings appreciation of life itself.