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Being Your Power

“I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything he’s got.” – Walter Cronkite

Week Forty Six

This week’s questions are about dropping the things that prevent your creations from manifesting and keeping hold of targeted inspiration. Ideally the baggage that you carry around each day should comprise things that you are working towards or that you are in the process of enhancing, creating, and improving. Often though you also carry things that are not relevant to where you are, who you choose to be, or who you are now. These may be old habits that no longer represent you, feelings of doubt and disbelief, or thoughts of failure, and uncertainty. In addition, you may have things that others expect you to carry for them. These items make your luggage heavier than in should be and tie up resources that could be fully directed to the pursuit of your goals. The following questions are about releasing some of this unnecessary burden and dedicating yourself fully to what you still desire to carry.

1) Which extra luggage do you want to leave behind today?

2) What principles will you adopt to empower you to travel lighter?

3) Where do you need to put your energy and focus to maintain this reduced load with integrity towards yourself and others over time?

4) What would it take to be fully confident that you are bringing forth maximum expression of your talents?

5) How can you be 100% willing and inspired to do whatever is necessary to make the differences you have outlined?

6) What do you need to trust in the journey, packing ONLY what you need for your goals and going with it?

7) How can you shift to feeling the essence of what you desire as already being a part of you and yet be detached from the outcome?

Reflecting on these questions allows you to explore ways to pack lighter. This provides an opportunity relinquishing some of the things that you have been doing for past outdated endeavors, or commitments, or to meet the expectations of others. You have also illuminated how your power is distinguished from your thoughts, feelings, and actions.