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Embracing Your Power

“If you want to be happy set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” – Andrew Carnegie

Week Fifty One

This week’s questions are about reiterating your intentions and commitments to yourself and the type of person you envisage yourself as being.

1) How do you embrace and sustain your vitality?
Describe your primary well-being goal using positive language. Chart how you will establish new habits and develop your new lifestyle.

2) How do you use your time more effectively?
What boundaries have you placed around possible time hogs? What will you do to make tasks more appealing so that you minimize procrastination? How will you manage your environment to make it more time efficient?

3) How do you measure your success?
What will indicate that you are making progress? How will you know that you have embraced your power? What indicates that you are living a life on purpose?

4) How do your interactions with others bring reciprocal empowerment?
How have you become an catalyst for development and an inspiration to those around you?

5) How are you choosing to live in your power? (Remember: I can’t = I choose not to.)
Describe in detail what you are motivated and empowered to do. Where does your passion lie? What do you want to achieve?

This coaching program is about the processes of asking, believing, and receiving. The tools of inquiry allow you to refine what you want so you can be authentic in your requests. So you will have knowing when you ask. They also bring you insight when you have contradictory desires so that you can bring them into alignment. So you will have knowing in your belief. They, as well, allow you to embrace your worthiness and the cycle of giving and take. So you have knowing that you will receive.