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Establishing Your Mission

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” – Henry Longfellow.

Week Forty Two

Refer back to what you discovered in Week twenty. Here, you will place this knowledge in the context of your life to find out how you can maximize your opportunities to both experience joy and live in your greatness. It is about bridging the gap between the person that you currently are and who you are uniquely capable of being. You elaborate on your life purpose by adding context and finding out exactly how it can operate.

1) With your life purpose in mind, identify the contexts and environments that support you. What characteristics do they have in common? What resources do they offer?

2) Next consider family, friends, colleagues, and community: How could each group support you? List the qualities of people you want and need to be around to be true to yourself.

3) Draw a series of concentric circles like a target on a blank piece of paper and write ME in the center circle. Each circle represents a group of people who are important to you. From the center working outwards label consecutive rings family, friends, work colleagues, professional groups, community etc. In each circle, write a few words that describe the qualities this group must embody to support you in just the way you need and want. In the area outside the largest circle, identify other resources that are essential to you e.g. contact with creative people, time in nature, etc. Ask “what are the essential supporting features of the world I want to live in so that I can be at my best?”

4) Use this information about interacting with your surroundings and the people in your community to write mission statements that provide a targeted way for you to live your life purpose. For example,
To create music that brings a sense of peace to those that listen to it, I love to compose initially in a quiet space connected to nature, then I like to share my music with those who will give me direct, detailed, and constructive feedback.
To keep my energy levels high to deliver my best work, I set up a routine that contributes to my all round health, including spontaneity, fun, nutrition, rest, and exercise and ask people to tell me frankly when I am not meeting these goals.

This process has the benefit of taking the big picture life purpose statement and connecting it to each detail it comprises. By doing so, you will identify specific ideas or missions that contribute to your overall life purpose.