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Expressing Love

“Find the sweetness in your own heart, then you may find the sweetness in every heart.” – Rumi

Week Three

This week’s questions are about how you experience love in your life. What examples do you have of people being loving and expressing joy and peace? Taking time to consider this provides insight as to the types of experience you would like to have more of in your close relationships. It also gives you clues as to how you can be more loving towards yourself and others.
Answer the following questions as fully as you can.

1) What do you do for or with a person that you really love?
2) How do you support your close friends and family?
3) Think of something – a concrete thing – that you own and really care about. What is it? -How do you take care of it?
4) How do you acknowledge what these people do for you or others?
5) How do you relate to the friends and family of those you care about?
6) What things have you done to show that you care? You might refer to an experience that made a good memory. A surprise or marking of an occasion gift/letter/card/party/contribution/outing/charity work.
7) Describe your feelings when you experience love. Where in your body do you feel it?

Now you have identified where you have felt loving exchanges in your life and some of the elements of that experience. You have discovered when you have been blessed with sharing in a loving moment. This knowledge will increase your appreciation and allow you to introduce more of the kinds of situation where you can be loving and open your heart. It will also mean that you are more likely to recognize them as they occur.