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Reflecting on Your Vision

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. – William H. Murray

Week Nineteen

This exercise is all about the kind of legacy you want to leave. It involves active contemplation to help you gain deeper insight into the person you want to be. Imagine trusting that you can totally be yourself whatever the circumstances. You can define what prosperity means to you, your dream riches both financially and figuratively.

1) By the end of your lifetime, what accomplishments will give you a feeling of satisfaction and having had a life well lived with few or no regrets?

2) What things have you been naturally drawn to since you were a child? Recall times when you were in the flow, completely content, your best self. How could you be paid to do what you love?

3) What role(s) do you think you have played in your family? How about your social community? And your global community?

4) When in your life have you had the sense of being really wealthy? Describe the experience fully. Feel free to interpret wealth expansively (i.e. not only money). What are the key elements of prosperous life for you?

5) If you were to wake up tomorrow and discover that all areas of your life were ideal, and anything that ever prevented you from living this way had vanished, what would you be experiencing? Describe the entire picture! Include everything that you have really wanted to do or be.

6) Write out what your ultimate daily lifestyle would be like. Don’t constrain yourself by what you think is possible. Embellish your ultimate lifestyle with every detail that you really would like to have.

Engaging with these visioning primers presents you with the opportunity to discover your ultimate vocation. These are the types of things that you do for sheer joy irrespective of whether they are financially rewarding. Just beginning to consider the possibilities that would bring a sense of wealth into your life both in terms of beauty of experience and financial freedom benefits you by giving you choice and expanding your horizons. As you explore these possibilities more fully you can make adjustments and begin to take action to incorporate the ones that have most meaning for you into your life.