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Taking a Risk: Costs and Benefits

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Week Eight

Here, you will look more deeply at what action or inaction does for you. Sometimes, doing nothing is more appealing because of the hidden consequences of taking action. While taking action may bring success and take us closer to our goal it also changes how you interact with the world and those in your community. This means your sphere of influence will change. There will be those in your circle who do not share your path, and so making gains is also about what you are prepared to let go.

Provide the most detailed response you can to the following questions:

1) What scary thing would you most love to do for your own personal development?

2) What would be the benefits of taking this action?

3) What things might you have to let go of when you take action?

4) What would be the cost of choosing not to take this action?

5) How might the choice to take this action help you to play full out?

Considering these questions benefits you by raising your awareness of exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of the choices that allow you to grow and develop might be. Each one uses a different angle to add another piece of information to the outcomes of taking on the challenge you have identified. Growth inevitably brings change. Your outlook expands and this brings new ways of relating to yourself and to others. Now you know what the implications of this change really are for you.