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Who are you?

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Week One

This program begins by shining a light on your brilliance. As individuals, we are not equal. Most of us excel at being quite ordinary, and yet, that is what sets us apart. Do you know what makes you exceptional? This step is about deepening your understanding of how incomparable and distinctive you are. Contemplate the following questions:

1) Who am I?

The majority of people responding to this question by identifying roles, interests, hobbies, and information about their appearance or social identity. For example: e.g. I am a student, I am a cook, I am medium build, I am a salesperson, etc. List everything that occurs to you. In addition to these items, add anything that comes to mind on your good qualities, strengths, talents, skills, abilities, anything whatsoever that you are good at.

Once you have completed your list expand on each one with what it is specifically that you love about that item. If you don’t love it, just acknowledge how you feel, and move to the next item.

2) What is the one thing that makes you special and unique?

No-one else on the planet is quite like you. Identify your innate quality that already has the seed of genius. Don’t be distracted by what you are not, or what you wish to be, or what others expect from you. When do you exhibit your best? Sometimes this skill will come so easily to you that it does not feel like work. This gift may flow so effortlessly for you that you never pay it much attention and fail to appreciate that other people find this process much more challenging. Once you have recognized it, take time to be thankful, and consider how you can make it more central or develop it further.

3) Find out your personal catchphrase.

Using words that capture your essence complete the sentence “I am …” This may take some time. Be prepared to go through a number of iterations.

The things you discover about yourself, by answering these 3 questions in full, bring a greater appreciation of all that you have to offer. These things that make you special might even be associated with aspects that you view negatively or that you feel ashamed of. Remember that it is all relative and what may appear to be a problem or unfortunate provides you with experience and understanding that many others will not have.

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