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Your Level of Empowerment

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has achieved in life as by the obstacles … overcome.” – B.T. Washington

Week Ten

This exercise brings insight into the areas of your life where there is nothing at all holding you back. You will examine where you are currently free to explore your potential, and also where there is something that prevents you from moving forward.

1) Think carefully about the following:
a. Which areas of your health and well-being do not require attention because your daily routines already nurture you?
b. In what ways is your financial management smooth sailing for you right now?
c. How do you already contribute to and strengthen the bonds you have with others?
d. How are you giving your best at work?
e. What are you already doing for recreation that you love?
f. How do you already contribute to your own personal growth?
g. How does your physical environment already support your well-being?

As you answer these questions you will gain an appreciation of all that is already going well in your life. These are the good practices that you have previously put in place that allow you to be the best you can be. Take some time to be grateful for these ways in which you are supporting yourself.

2) Then consider how to take it to the next level by answering the following: (including everything, even items that may seem unpractical, unmanageable, or unrealistic)

a. List areas of your health and well-being where you have been attempting to make a change, but have not yet made it stick?
b. What aspects of your finances are not yet optimal?
c. What would you like to be able to do to nurture your relationships that you have not yet found a way to incorporate into your interactions?
d. What things cause problems in your work?
e. What do you yearn to do for fun?
f. What aspects of your personal development remain unexplored?
g. What aspects of your physical environment could be improved?

3) Now you have gained insight into areas you would like to improve. Consider completing the changes you have identified.
a. What would be the benefits of incorporating these changes?
b. What will you be grateful for once these adjustments are in place in your life? How would they serve you?
c. Consider also what might be all the costs of making the changes you have identified? What risks do you associate with making these changes?
d. How can you expand upon the success of things that are already going well to these areas for improvement?

This exercise benefits you by increasing your awareness of how you are already empowered in your life. This affirmation provides clues as to some of the ways in which you can move forward in areas you identify that are challenging you. These aspects are your growing edge. This prompts acknowledgement and directs your attention so that you know exactly where to focus your energies to move forward.