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Crafting Action

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Week Forty Nine

The last few weeks of this year long program – Well done for staying committed! You have mapped the landscape of your life and have prioritized your growth and development. You have made it a habit to combine inner work with action. This weeks questions are about using those skills to craft a plan for action on the terrain around one of your current goals. You can repeat this as required for any of your goals.

1) What are the specific steps for your goal?
Describe your goal using positive language. Take your time to outline the small steps that taken together will bring the shift you desire. Begin by identifying the major steps and then break each of these down into smaller units.

2) When will you take the steps you have identified?
By when do you want to be done? When should this goal should be a fully integrated part of your life? Come up with a timetable that is realistic and workable by working backwards from your end date. Now schedule each step in your planner. Be prepared to make adjustments as you go.

3) How will you track your progress?
Sometimes is it useful, especially if what you are aiming for is of a qualitative nature, to identify your progress on a scale of 1 to 10 or with a percentage.

4) What obstacles might you anticipate? What issues could hold you up?
It is natural to encounter bumps in the road, anticipating them in advance will help you minimize their impact. It takes repetition to establish new behaviors. There may be times when your willpower lapses and the behavior that you are trying to change shows up. Consider how you will handle these occurrences or any other circumstances that could challenge your progress.

5) What support might you need to stay on course and successfully achieve your goal?
How will your time management, resources, or social interactions contribute to your progress?

These questions benefit you by crystallizing your intentions and coming up with a workable program.