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Prioritizing Healthy Practices

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” – John Lennon

Week Twenty Six

You are discovering what you need to have more consistency in get up and go over time and to be able to fully respond to all of the challenges life offers. This exercise is your opportunity to identify patterns in where you meet your needs and where you fall short by tracking measures of how much time you present feeling engaged and fully charged.

Add the end of each day check in
1) Your nutrition and hydration –
a. What happened (if anything) to result in depleting hunger or thirst?
b. How was the spacing of your food and drink?
c. How was the portion size of your food and drink?
2) Your rest and relaxation –
a. What was your experience of being rested when you awoke today?
b. What down time did you have during the day?
c. How effective were your choices to kick back?
3) Your body flexion and hygiene –
a. What physical activity have you engaged in?
b. How did your physical activities energize you?
c. What did you do to groom and present yourself?
4) Mentally challenging yourself –
a. What have you done to stretch yourself mentally?
b. What have you learned about yourself?
c. How are you overexerting your mental capacity?
5) Nurturing of your spirit –
a. What did you do to experience joy today?
b. How did you experience peace?
c. When did you make time to process and release irritations
6) Your connections –
a. What was the quality of your social interactions?
b. What did you do to nurture your relationships
c. How did you allow others to support you?

What do you notice from these responses about how you serve your health and energy each day? How do you adjust for the your needs in the moment?

Now you know to what extent you do indeed support having full energy to expend during the day. This exercise benefits you by discovery of when you defer the behaviors that sustain you and undermine your ability to engage in life. This informs you on your boundaries around energy usage.