To find out more about what the Life coaching service provides and how it is done go to FAQs. If there is anything else you want to know, please drop Elizabeth a line at Contact.

londonpalaceElizabeth currently works with clients either individually or in a group setting. The underlying premise of client brilliance means that coaching is not an alternative for counseling or therapy. Conversations are growth and future orientated and do not ask why. Coaching is also not akin to training or mentoring as you will not be advised or given a path to follow. The path is unique to you and Elizabeth will support you in identifying and making your own way.

Topics that you may choose to focus on include:

  • Work/Career: The direction it is taking, its purpose and meaning for you, your overall performance.
  • Physical Environment: The appearance and feel of your home, locality, space, and transportation.
  • Money and Finances: Budgeting, saving, income, investment and your overall relationship to finance.
  • Health and Well-being: Your eating habits, diet, fitness, sleep, relaxation, self care, and emotional health.
  • Personal Growth and Development: Education, learning, reading, awareness, connecting, and spirituality.
  • Intimate Relationships: Creation, romance, partnership, communication, and space.
  • Family and Friends: Your community relationships in general and their incorporation, quality, and support.
  • Fun and Recreation: Leisure, hobbies, passion, and laughter.

One on One Coaching has the advantage of being solely directed at your agenda. Life coaching is a process that is designed to bring clarity to your goals and what works for you. Elizabeth will use coaching techniques to support you in identifying your magnificence, bringing forth strength of purpose and profound shifts in awareness.

Group Coaching is a cost effective alternative which allows you to benefit from the journey that others are taking with similar goals to you. You can share in the journey of others as they develop their own plan of forward action provide each other additional support and accountability for the commitments made.

One on One coaching or group coaching may target an agenda as selected by you the client or can follow themes according to exercises from Elizabeth’s Coaching Program. These exercises use coaching techniques to bring greater depth of understanding and breakthroughs in the targeted area.

Find out what others have to say about their own coaching experience. You can also read the top three ways that coaching delivers in my blog for the Institute of Life Coach Training

Elizabeth Anne adheres to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics for all her one on one and group life coaching services.