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Exercise in Isolation: Four Ways to Follow Through


Many of us have exercise routines that have been thrown off by the COVID-19 social distancing.

Even if you use an app to track your footsteps, your count is way down. The only errand needed is going for groceries and the only commute when working from home is from room to room. If you are lucky you have the option of a yard or stairs!

Some of us can still go out to exercise at the park by biking, running, or walking. If this was already a habit for you then keep it up 😊. However, many people have to establish entirely new habits because the gym or swimming venue is unavailable.

Four ways to follow through with exercise in isolation are to identify 1) your home-based alternatives, 2) how to hold yourself accountable, 3) the benefits, and 4) the specifics of your exercise plan.

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Home Environment Makeover


The main content of this post is about our home environmental experience under the COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

But first, I want to shout out to the people who are on the front lines every day. A heartfelt THANK YOU to these of you risking infection to keep vital services running.

We really appreciate what you are doing and I know what I am about to talk about is not your reality.

Along with you, we pray for supplies that allow you to do your jobs safely and intelligent management and treatment protocols that reduce the numbers of COVID-19 fatalities.

For those who are not essential workers, like me, our reality is spending more time at home This means we are confronted with the piles of things in our dwelling that we have been meaning to attend to for oh so long.

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Spiritual Connection: COVID-19 and Your Relationship with the Inner You


How are you maintaining or seeking to raise your vibration at this time? The COVID-19 pandemic is unnerving and is bringing us face to face with our mortality. It is reminding us of our place in the cosmos as a part of life. As opposed to where we mistakenly place ourselves at the pinnacle of life. However, this provides us with opportunities for spiritual connection.

This realization that we really have very little control is very frightening. However, we have a choice in how we receive it. One option is to allow this fear to dictate our actions and choices. Another option is to look for the ways that this experience can enrich who we are becoming.

The first option is largely unconscious, we feel bad and look for solutions to ease that pain. The second option allows us to observe how we respond. We have the opportunity to move into a place of surrender in the moment and trust in ourselves and our ability to act from a place of love and compassion.

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The Miracle of Presence and Conscious Choice


Coaching always brings the experience of universal connection. Those moments such as witnessing the sunrise or a baby’s first steps, when it is so amazing that you pause your breathe and encounter the stillness. How does this miracle of presence happen? You may ask.

Coaching allows you to be totally present with what you want to achieve. You turn your attention fully onto what you want to get done, make happen, and change. You tune in to how this feels for you which gives you the ability to try it on for size. This is like going into the fitting room. You get feedback from looking in the mirror. How does it actually fit once you get it? You experience the energetic feel of having it done. This informs you as to your level of motivation and what taking action will feel like.

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Tapping for Fear


Tapping is a way to release anything that is holding you back in your story and energetic history.

These mindsets and related emotions can be associated with considerable pain or trauma. The aspect that underpins all these themes is fear. It may show expression as physiological pain, anxiety, sadness, or inability to act.

This blog describes the tapping process and some of its applications for the removal of fear however it is showing up in your life.

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