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February 2015

Three Practices for switching ‘Doing Your Best’ to ‘Being Your Best’

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Be Your Best

What is the distinction between ‘Doing your best’ and ‘Being your best’? The ‘Doing your best’ perspective suggests that we should go all out to squeeze more out of ourselves. This means continually attempting to give 100% in everything we do. But, there is a high risk of burn out if we do not equally give 100% to recharging our energy!

Is it really practical to ‘Do our best’ at everything, or even necessary? If we try to ‘do our best’ in every detail of what we do, we fall prey to perfectionism, which makes it really hard to bring something to completion. For example, when chopping vegetables to cook, some unevenness will not affect the flavor. In many cases, more is lost by going for perfection than settling for good enough.

Striving to ‘do your best’ also increases comparison with others and brings greater judgment of our own presentation.

What happens though, if ‘Doing your best’ is rephrased to ‘Being your best’? This shifts our perspective from the outcome to the level of engagement and good enough becomes perfect. Check out these three ways to shift from ‘doing your best’ to ‘being your best’.

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Top Twenty Habit and Goal Apps to Support Getting It Done: Part 2 online options

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Getting it done online

In Part 1, I provided some possibilities for smartphone apps that you can carry with you providing constant backup on your missions! In this entry, I continue with website based applications:

9) Irunurun:

This supports new habit formation. You begin with zero points. To earn points you enter the action or habit you want to track and weight it with a point value. As you complete the actions you want to be held accountable for, you add points. You can also build an accountability team of friends and family and selectively share your progress with them.

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