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August 2020

Embracing Love in Your Core Being


We all experience chatter from the stream of consciousness that runs in our minds. This self-talk is frequently out of alignment with love.

To allow more of this self-talk to flow from love, you can check in with some simple affirmations.

Compare how you react from your head, heart, and gut to find out the extent to which you believe them.

By intentionally choosing them as your belief and letting go of any previous framework you can embrace love in your core being.

One way to think of them is as the expression and embracing of love in your mind, body, and soul.

The three statements are as follows:

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Mastermind Groups: Why You Must Engage


Irrespective of your career choice, being connected with people who have similar goals to you is a great way to optimize your long-term progress. Meeting regularly with a mastermind or focus group provides opportunities for authentic sharing, learning, being of support, accountability, and lasting friendship.

If you want to become a professional coach, a mastermind group provides a sounding board for every stage of growth and development as a coach and in business. If you are not already part of one, think about who might be a great fit for such a group from your connections, training, or through social media. Decide what you would like to get out of it and how it might be run. Many meet monthly and provide each person an opportunity to take to the floor and talk about current goals, challenges, and discoveries.

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