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Embracing Love in Your Core Being


We all experience chatter from the stream of consciousness that runs in our minds. This self-talk is frequently out of alignment with love.

To allow more of this self-talk to flow from love, you can check in with some simple affirmations.

Compare how you react from your head, heart, and gut to find out the extent to which you believe them.

By intentionally choosing them as your belief and letting go of any previous framework you can embrace love in your core being.

One way to think of them is as the expression and embracing of love in your mind, body, and soul.

The three statements are as follows:


I am abundantly deserving and infinitely worthy.”
Endorse this to be open to giving and receiving the things that you need to function and grow.

You are allowed to ask for what you desire. These might be things, relationships, objectives, or experiences. And, you are allowed to enter into the flow with what you desire and request.

As you witness your thoughts and emotions you may notice that these do not define you. You can allow yourself to be uniquely valued without attachment to the specifics of your thoughts and feelings.


I am more than enough and I stand in my truth.”
Endorse this to provide permission to just be.

You are allowed to take up space. You can take responsibility as you are able at any given moment. What is needed could be something or may perhaps be nothing and they are both perfect. You can choose to stand in your power without giving it away or abusing it. You can handle what might be predicted as well as cope with the unexpected and all will be well.


I am loved and accepted just as I am.”
Endorse this for the complete appreciation of what is.

You are individual, but also one with others and the universe. As an individual, there is relatively, but in oneness, there is no distinction.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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