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May 2021

Shifting to Sage Strength from Saboteur


Each situation that is objectively bad has elements that are objectively good. Similarly, every characteristic or personality trait that we have can also be a blend of challenge and gift. When we get in our own way and sabotage ourselves it can seem like a curse, but there are still ways that we can leverage the very same behaviors to generate success. This process underpins mental fitness and the ability to shift from saboteur to sage strength.

Mental fitness has many parallels with physical fitness. With both, you improve outcomes through intake and action. For physical fitness, the focus is on lifestyle changes to accommodate your body with diet and exercise. With mental fitness, the focus is on lifestyle changes around what you accommodate in your stream of consciousness. Your stream of consciousness includes what is happening right now through the experiences in which you place yourself as well as what you have learned in the past.

Once we have more awareness and understanding as to how our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior we can “read the landscape” and choose whether to adopt these patterns.

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