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January 2022

Improving Emotional Intelligence: What, Why, and How


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the extent to which you can accurately reason about emotions and use emotions and emotional knowledge to enhance your thinking. This means it is the ability to leverage the interplay between your thoughts and your feelings.

There are various models and subscales, but all find a foundation in Daniel Goleman’s original conceptualization of EQ with five different aspects:

  • Knowing your emotions – recognition of your emotions, as well as associated strengths, and limitations.
  • Managing your emotions – your appropriate use of your emotions and impulses.
  • Motivating yourself – your level of focus on meeting intrinsic needs.
  • Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions – your application of empathy.
  • Managing relationships (others’ emotions) – your ability to foster co-operation and buy-in.
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