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December 2022

Comparing Coaching Categories


Coaches have their niches in one of four primary coaching categories: 1) Relationships, 2) Health and Well-Being, 3) Career and Finance, and 4) Spirituality.

These coaching categories might be represented according to the image for this post with some intersection between Relationships, Health and Well-Being, and Career and Finance, but where the spiritual possibilities beyond the self have implications for the other three domains.

Each category might also correspond to a particular aspect of self as follows:

Health and Well-Being – the interaction of the self with itself.

Relationships – the interaction of the self with others.

Career and Finance – the interaction of the self with a situation or circumstance.

Spirituality – the interaction of the self with the greater community or life.

In each case, what you think and feel about this interaction is key to your experience. Is there faith and trust in the process and positive expectations? Or, is there a lack of faith and trust and negative expectation?

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