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The Power of Words: Review and coaching application


The Law of attraction at its core states that you get what you are focused on. This focus is epitomized by what we think and say which is why the book The Power of Words … that free me! by Jacques Martel is so important.

The words you use create your reality and follow from your thoughts. Do these thoughts represent freedom and love or, conversely, do they draw you away from freedom and love?

According to Jacques, every word is related to spiritual reality. Words have a vibration so better to use the ones that are life-giving. The intention behind the words used also carries a vibration that acts in concert to intensify or weaken the vibration of the word. This means that self-talk that is not loving weakens your own being. Furthermore, thoughts of others that are not loving weaken them and the exchange.

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Moon Mapping: Leveraging This Cycle in Your Planning


Moon mapping is the application of lunar phase energy to our planning process. This 8-phase cycle over the course of 28 days can support setting and fulfilling our intentions.

It allows you to revisit your goals on a monthly basis. Your focus can be a single short-term goal that you expect to take a month such as establishing a new habit. Or, it can be a long-term goal that you expect to make some progress on each month and can break down into appropriate subgoals or steps on the way to the ultimate goal.

For short-term goals, the lunar cycle provides time-bound accountability. For longer terms goals, the feedback and discovery you get each month provide a foundation for the next.

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The Art of Having it All: Review and coaching application


“The Art of Having It All” by Christie Whitman is a compelling and insightful book that provides a comprehensive guide to achieving success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Through her own personal experiences and teachings with Universal Laws, Christie offers practical tools and strategies for readers to manifest their dreams and desires, while also finding balance and joy in the present moment.


The first step in this process is identifying the desires that are unique to you. These are not external factors that you think will bring happiness but the inner contentment that arises from your experience. The reason that many of these desires have not happened is that through social construction we have learned to impose conditions. The beliefs that we have acquired place constraints on what we think is possible.

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Expressing Love in Your Life


The ultimate force in the universe is Love. It tops the emotional scale given in the Abraham Hicks books. It is the peak experience described in Enlightenment. How can we experience more of it in our relationships with ourselves and others?

For those seeking to raise conscious awareness, experiencing more love is about the extent of surrender and acceptance for what is across all areas of life. This is not the same as tolerating or putting up with something. It is being absolutely ok with whatever presents.

There are 8 different types of love according to the ancient Greeks. These are Agape, Eros, Phila, Philautia, Storge, Pragma, Ludus, and Mania. Each of these can be considered from this perspective of radical acceptance.

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Website Choices: What’s Right For You?


To make a decision about having and maintaining a website first you need some clarity over whether you actually want to engage in creating and maintaining one as well as what you want it to do for you.

If you are not inspired by the thought of having a website as an interface for your business then it may not be the right choice. Many people have a successful referral coaching business without one.

However, if you are excited by the prospect of sharing what you have to offer in this way there are many ways to make it work for you.

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