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December 2020

The Three Gifts Technique


One way to maintain a positive mindset is to always look for the gift in everything that happens. This is sometimes challenging in something that seems objectively bad. However, there is always a benefit, and applying this uplifting perspective increases resilience and counteracts any tendency to dwell on misfortune.

The Three Gifts Technique is a concept introduced by Shirzad Chamine in his book on Positive Intelligence. It is designed to support shifting to and strengthening the sage perspective and the sage powers of empathize, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate.

If you are having difficulty in finding any upside to a particular situation you can begin by thinking of at least three ways a problem could be turned into a gift or opportunity at some point in the future.

Having to overcome a challenge or correct a mistake strengthens our ability to handle these obstacles. This provides a smoother ride the next time we encounter something similar. Looking for the gifts allows us to minimize the time and energy lost in ruminating about the things that have befallen and be at choice in being proactive.

The Three Gifts Technique empowers us on three different levels. These are Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration.

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The Coaching Entrepreneur: Seven Stages of Business Acumen


As a coaching entrepreneur, you want to invest wisely in your business. However, your success strategy depends on your stage of business development. There are seven stages of business acumen (student, intern, apprentice, practitioner, master practitioner, teacher, leader).

Your time, energy, and resources will be better spent when you align with the needs of the stage you are in. Working on more advanced stages is ok, but will likely only deliver into the stage that you are on. In addition, a mismatch may actually prevent you from gaining traction.

Each stage provides a foundation for the next in terms of the value you provide and context for marketing. Your progression through each stage forms your business story. Over time, this allows you to naturally acquire a certain level of authenticity and credibility so that people want to do business with you.

The stages are student, intern, apprentice, practitioner, master practitioner, teacher, and leader. Knowing what stage you are in has many benefits. It provides a guide for your experience and growth as a coaching entrepreneur. It allows you to enjoy the stage you are in without worrying about aspects that are not relevant to your stage. Focus on mastering the stage you are in and only compare yourself to others in this stage.

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