The Three Gifts Technique


One way to maintain a positive mindset is to always look for the gift in everything that happens. This is sometimes challenging in something that seems objectively bad. However, there is always a benefit, and applying this uplifting perspective increases resilience and counteracts any tendency to dwell on misfortune.

The Three Gifts Technique is a concept introduced by Shirzad Chamine in his book on Positive Intelligence. It is designed to support shifting to and strengthening the sage perspective and the sage powers of empathize, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate.

If you are having difficulty in finding any upside to a particular situation you can begin by thinking of at least three ways a problem could be turned into a gift or opportunity at some point in the future.

Having to overcome a challenge or correct a mistake strengthens our ability to handle these obstacles. This provides a smoother ride the next time we encounter something similar. Looking for the gifts allows us to minimize the time and energy lost in ruminating about the things that have befallen and be at choice in being proactive.

The Three Gifts Technique empowers us on three different levels. These are Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration.


The first point of reflection is what we have learned from the bad situation. This cements greater awareness. It brings a conscious appreciation of what activates these thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. And perhaps some understanding of how were they acquired. In addition, there is also the development of additional skills. You learn new ways of handling yourself better and perhaps great clarity and precision with a particular process.


The second point of reflection is an appreciation of our resilience and strength. Challenging events provide an opportunity to practice and refine our responses. One way to do this is by considering where to focus our energies. In other words, which of the sage powers of empathize, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate would provide for the best results. By taking note of this feedback and adapting, we cope better with all aspects of life and enjoy greater mental fitness. This review increases our self-regulation and reduces kneejerk reactions. In the event that we do activate an earlier response (or saboteur), we can recognize and correct it faster.


The third inquiry is how you will move forward. You will likely come up with a creative response that wouldn’t have occurred without experience this specific challenging circumstance. This innovation leads to inspired action. It allows us to refine and improve our plans and to explore different modes of being.

The three gifts technique elements of knowledge, power, and inspiration represent growth in our inner being at the level of mind, body, and soul. This growth demonstrates that there is always a benefit providing balance to any cost. Fundamentally this allows you to be more loving and compassionate to both yourself and others whatever the circumstances.

Image by monicore from Pixabay