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Making Anger a Blessing


Anger often arises when others do not respond or interact with us the way we want. Maybe they are not delivering something we feel we deserve to receive. Perhaps they are not behaving according to social norms.

However, the idea that we should be treated a certain way is just a construct we have built.

We can release this reactance to not getting what we want by raising awareness of our ability to change our inner being. We can also step into being at peace with the outcome even if it was not our ideal. When we choose to embrace our unwanted experiences and let go of any blame we allow any irritation we might experience to just be.

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Making Sadness a Blessing


In a state of sadness, you are in a state of grief and hurt that wants to heal.

We feel sad when we personally identify with the problem and its solution and feel lacking in addressing it. This means we feel a sense of responsibility and blame ourselves for not having the means to make a difference. This helplessness and hopelessness feels awful and so often we do our best to minimize it by not fully acknowledging it.

Metaphorically, we are just hiding it away in the closet. Of course, this means that it still exists even if we turn our attention elsewhere. However, if we clean out the closet we can sort through the aspects that hold the sadness.

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Being and Becoming Through your Chakras


The Chakras have a lot to teach us in terms of what we need to heal as well as what we can do to heal.

Certain traumas or negative experiences can lead to specific Chakras being out of balance. This shows up in our emotional and physical responses as well as our thought patterns and level of overall energy.

The tables below provide more detail as to what the orientation of each chakra is and how this can support us in selecting healing practices.

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Improving Emotional Intelligence: What, Why, and How


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the extent to which you can accurately reason about emotions and use emotions and emotional knowledge to enhance your thinking. This means it is the ability to leverage the interplay between your thoughts and your feelings.

There are various models and subscales, but all find a foundation in Daniel Goleman’s original conceptualization of EQ with five different aspects:

  • Knowing your emotions – recognition of your emotions, as well as associated strengths, and limitations.
  • Managing your emotions – your appropriate use of your emotions and impulses.
  • Motivating yourself – your level of focus on meeting intrinsic needs.
  • Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions – your application of empathy.
  • Managing relationships (others’ emotions) – your ability to foster co-operation and buy-in.
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Deliberate Receiving: Review and coaching application


The best-selling book “Deliberate Receiving: Finally the universe makes some freaking sense” by Melody Fletcher outlines how to leverage The Law of Attraction by raising your consciousness. Melody is an expert in the Law of Attraction who supports people in getting the life they dream about. She outlines the transformation that occurs as follows:

Perhaps you are only too aware of the pain of the things that you don’t want. You learned a paradigm of avoiding pain from your caregivers and community. However, a new paradigm is emerging of seeking pleasure. It is about reconnecting with your mastery in terms of living your desires rather than hoping that they will come true one day.

When you don’t move into living, you just stay on repeat and this generates more desires and frustrations. In contrast, stepping into living gives vibrancy and purpose. The feedback system for this shift is your emotions. The more you replay your experiences the worse you feel. The more you enact newly created desires the better you feel. Often you don’t feel like you can enact what you want but you always can. This book provides an insight into how.

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