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November 2015

Empowering Feminine Qualities: Your path to Reclaim Feeling Alive

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Empower your divine feminine

Each of us, whether biologically male or female, has a choice about the extent to which they express empowering feminine qualities. Sadly, for many of us, feminine qualities have been derogated. As a result, we have diminished their importance in our lives and even repressed them. This means that we cannot give them full expression, which undermines our ability to reach our potential. We may not even consciously realize that this has occurred. But balanced incorporation of both masculine and feminine qualities is key to full engagement in life.

Consider the following seven empowering feminine qualities, and how they are expressed in your life. Do they enrich your experience or are they showing up with dysfunction?

1) Consort:

This quality shows up in the archetypes of the dancer, virgin, or concubine. Those who emulate beauty for beauty’s sake. It pertains to decoration, grace, and vulnerability. It is the extent to which you can trust enough to be tender, delicate, and allowing. This yang feminine energy is defined by appreciation and the state of being responsive and yielding. The yin masculine qualities of assertion and initiation provide balance. In its detriment, innocent appreciation and sharing of beauty are lost and manipulation occurs. When you are sensitive to this exchange, a true partnership can be achieved.

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