Coaching Modalities

EFT Tapping on the Saboteurs


Tapping is an acupressure technique that activates points on the meridians in the same way as acupuncture. This Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s based on his study of work done by Roger Callahan in Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  He simplified the process to this basic recipe of 8 tapping points. Since this standardization, many studies have found Tapping leads to a significant reduction in pain and stress. For example, it has been effective in providing relief from fibromyalgia, PTSD, and sustained weight loss.

Shirzad Chamine’s work on Positive Intelligence has provided keys to greater mental fitness through identifying your saboteurs and moving them to sage. In other words, catching the mental and emotional gremlins that undermine your effectiveness and shifting to responding from intuition and inner wisdom.

In these videos, EFT tapping is directed to a particular saboteur. The idea is to activate the energy pathways to shift negative patterns associated with each saboteur. This includes reducing the impact of the predominant emotions, beliefs, and behaviors associated with each saboteur.

You can find out which saboteurs are yours by taking the free assessment here.

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Shifting to Sage Strength from Saboteur


Each situation that is objectively bad has elements that are objectively good. Similarly, every characteristic or personality trait that we have can also be a blend of challenge and gift. When we get in our own way and sabotage ourselves it can seem like a curse, but there are still ways that we can leverage the very same behaviors to generate success. This process underpins mental fitness and the ability to shift from saboteur to sage strength.

Mental fitness has many parallels with physical fitness. With both, you improve outcomes through intake and action. For physical fitness, the focus is on lifestyle changes to accommodate your body with diet and exercise. With mental fitness, the focus is on lifestyle changes around what you accommodate in your stream of consciousness. Your stream of consciousness includes what is happening right now through the experiences in which you place yourself as well as what you have learned in the past.

Once we have more awareness and understanding as to how our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior we can “read the landscape” and choose whether to adopt these patterns.

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The Five Sage Powers in a Nutshell


The five sage powers are those that come from love. They are empathy, exploration, innovation, navigation, and action. The more time we spend resonating with them the greater our mental fitness.


This is connection to our innocent self. The unconditional love of a baby or pet. There is no judgment just an acceptance and honoring of the beauty and perfection of our essential being.


Explore allows us to get a sense of the lay of the land and how it emerged. It brings fascination and joy for the process of creation.

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Saboteurs in a Nutshell


The nine saboteurs are the avoider, the controller, the pleaser, the hyperachiever, the hypervigilant, the hyperrational, the restless, the stickler, and the victim, Each one is fear based and has particular defining thought patterns and related points of focus. 


The mindset associated with the avoider is not to upset their personal peace. This saboteur wants to avoid conflict and is extremely sensitive to indicators of tension.


The controller saboteur is driven to maintain an illusion of control and being in charge. Ultimately, this protects against having to do things against their will.

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Mental Fitness in a Nutshell


The basic idea is that you need three elements for Mental Fitness:
(1) The ability to intercept your saboteurs
(2) Activation of your sage, and
(3) Stronger self-command

Intercepting your saboteurs

The nine saboteurs are avoider, controller, pleaser, hyperachiever, hypervigilant, hyperrational, restless, stickler, and victim. Our dominant saboteurs act like a program that is implemented by your judge. These fear-based responses, often learned in childhood, provide a sense of safety and control. They provide a distinct motivation that influences the way you think, feel, and behave. Each one limits our functionality in specific ways.

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