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Coaching Modalities

Moon Mapping: Leveraging This Cycle in Your Planning


Moon mapping is the application of lunar phase energy to our planning process. This 8-phase cycle over the course of 28 days can support setting and fulfilling our intentions.

It allows you to revisit your goals on a monthly basis. Your focus can be a single short-term goal that you expect to take a month such as establishing a new habit. Or, it can be a long-term goal that you expect to make some progress on each month and can break down into appropriate subgoals or steps on the way to the ultimate goal.

For short-term goals, the lunar cycle provides time-bound accountability. For longer terms goals, the feedback and discovery you get each month provide a foundation for the next.

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Comparing Coaching Categories


Coaches have their niches in one of four primary coaching categories: 1) Relationships, 2) Health and Well-Being, 3) Career and Finance, and 4) Spirituality.

These coaching categories might be represented according to the image for this post with some intersection between Relationships, Health and Well-Being, and Career and Finance, but where the spiritual possibilities beyond the self have implications for the other three domains.

Each category might also correspond to a particular aspect of self as follows:

Health and Well-Being – the interaction of the self with itself.

Relationships – the interaction of the self with others.

Career and Finance – the interaction of the self with a situation or circumstance.

Spirituality – the interaction of the self with the greater community or life.

In each case, what you think and feel about this interaction is key to your experience. Is there faith and trust in the process and positive expectations? Or, is there a lack of faith and trust and negative expectation?

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EFT Tapping: Frequently Asked Questions


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it is used to shift you from a negative feeling state into a positive one. Tapping refers to the use of touching points on your meridians in the form of gentle tapping with your fingers.

How does EFT work?

EFT tapping activates your meridians and in doing so shifts you from a sympathetic fight or flight nervous system response to a parasympathetic rest and digest state of being.

What should I say?

Whilst tapping you use your stream of consciousness. In other words, just say what comes to mind about what is challenging you. You can include what you feel and think and where you experience it physiologically or even how the problem shows up metaphorically. You can use anything that has meaning for you and that you associate with your current challenge. If emotions well up, you can continue to tap without speaking until they subside.

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What’s your Guiding Word or Theme?


Choose an inspirational word or theme as a pointer. Take the time to select a topic that affirms where you are going or who you want to be. Using this word or theme to direct your focus for some time can be helpful. It can highlight a state of being (such as calm) or a state of doing (such as productive).

Many people select a word or statement at the beginning of the year that describes how they seek to be that year.

An additional more expansive option is to select a theme. Common options might be Family, Identity, or Health.

The word or theme that you select supports you in moving forward. It provides a reminder of where you want to direct your attention. This could support goals you have set yourself, management of life transitions, how you wish to expand or elaborate on your expression, or the type of life you want to live.

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Five Ways to Access the Vibration of Love


The five ways to open your heart and access the vibration of love are Empathy, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Positive reframing, and Blessing with love. You can apply each one to anything that you are focused on or anything that occurs in your reality.

Each one has the power to heal and elevate your experience such that you are more resilient when you encounter life’s downs.

I believe that these five ways to access the vibration of love map onto the Sage Powers of Empathize, Navigate, Explore, Innovate, and Activate that are outlined in the Positive Intelligence Program for Mental Fitness.

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