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Ask, Align, and Act: The Keys to Implementing the Law of Attraction


Ask, Align, and Act are three steps for implementing the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction in its simplest form is all about what you focus on. However, there are different ways to do this. You can choose to focus with or without awareness of the way in which you are directing your focus. What I mean by this is monitoring what you want, but also how you feel about it emotionally and whether you can ‘see’ it happening. For maximum effectiveness, you witness what you wish for and turn every aspect of it towards love.

To capture this nuance, I have developed three steps: Ask, Align, and Act. ‘Ask’ allows you to first get clarity about what it is that you wish for and imagine for yourself. Second, ‘Align’ allows you to reflect on your level of certainty around moving forward and receiving it. And third, ‘Act’ is taking small inspired steps with conviction that it will become real.

Three Keys to Using the Law of Attraction


Define your desire by developing a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest. It could be an improvement or something completely new. Do not ‘ask‘ to redo. There is no past focus. That is done with, over. This is about brand new creation.

If you only have a vague notion, then first ‘ask‘ for greater clarity and detail about what you want. It may be necessary to explore and research to fully identify what you desire. As you refine your goals, acknowledge the changes with gratitude. Imagine having received what you want, the physical setting, personal interactions, and details about the context. Identify how it will uplift you and what you love about it. How it will benefit you both emotionally and figuratively.

Whenever possible do this when relaxed in a deep, quiet, meditative state of mind. Use the present tense as if it has happened already and you believe that it is 100% possible.


Now you have identified your ‘ask’ it is time to examine it a bit closer. Witness how you feel when you think about it. Identify all the different thoughts that pop into your mind with this consideration. Check out your physical responses. Watch your emotions, self-talk, and physiology as if they were a movie. If you find contraction in any of these areas there is a piece of you that is not totally on board. Any negative emotion or tension held in your body points to a belief in opposition to the desire you have stated.

Once again, whenever possible tune into this information when you are quiet and calm. You might be tempted to judge the ‘negative’ emotions. You do not need to. They are part of your alert system and in this sense you can be grateful when they arise as they inform you about where to be curious. When you intentionally accept whatever is coming up emotionaling and mentally it also helps you stay relaxed.

You will begin to realize that you have beliefs that you endorse even though logically they do not make sense and you would not choose them for yourself. When you make these discoveries you have the choice to believe something different – something caring and inspiring. By treating negative thoughts and feelings with compassion, and forgiveness as they arise it is possible to let go of the past hurt or future projected difficulties and release limiting beliefs. This transmuts the negative leaving only positive in its place. The more you engage with this practice the easier it becomes.


Have faith that what you want will come to pass without being attached to how.

Embrace making changes that will bring your goal into being. This requires being a courageous adventurer in the face of the unknown. Embrace any challenge to making these changes as an opportunity to discover how you are holding back from love.

Tune in to the opportunity to be unconditionally loving in the actions you take by claiming the love in every polarity. Turn attraction and repulsion for what you have to do into a blessing not in an egoic way but for transmutting to love. If in taking action, you feel negative emotion and contraction sent it love and compassion. Identify the opposite positive polarity and send out a request for that instead for you and anyone else involved.

What are the leaps forward that are required to reach your goals and what are the tiny steps that cumulatively will allow you to make that leap? Repeat cycling through the three keys to the law of attraction as needed under each new level of awareness.

Be willing to refine your goal or create a new one. Sometimes when you experience a big internal shift your priorities and choices change. You may experience a falling away of your old paradigm as you step into a new way of being and your goal will change accordingly.

This is about being comfortable with not knowing or the possibility of getting it wrong. Use intuition as your guide. If it feels right, even if it appears to be a detour, trust the process. Be curious about discovering what each action will allow you to transmut to move forward.

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay