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Five Steps to Email Opt-in Success

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Getting the word out about what you do is paramount to being financially successful in business. The contribution an email opt-in can make to growing your list and allowing you to connect with your audience is central to many marketing plans.

The fact that so many people are offering a targeted email opt-in and so many emails are coming your way may make it seem like a method that is already saturated. However, even though excessive inbox delivery may have reduced open rates, it is still an optimal way to reach everyone. Some people have Facebook, others Twitter, others Instagram, but almost everybody has an email account. For those that are connected to you and are interested in what you have to offer it is a fantastic way to deliver more high-value content.

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Mind Mapping for Clarity, Accountability, and Motivation


A Mind Map is a simple but powerful brainstorming technique. It is formatted like a flow chart with the lead item in the center and lines drawn to a bunch of boxes surrounding the center. Each box addresses a particular aspect related to the central theme. The theme can be anything from an action plan to a personal skills analysis, to an overview of something you are creating. It can also capture different lengths of time such as detail for a day versus an outline for a month.

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Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

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Hire a Life Coach

How can you be sure that you would benefit from partnering with a life coach?

One of the ironies of life is that we don’t know what we don’t know! This means it is hard for us to identify how coaching could make the challenges we are experiencing easier.

Life coaching uses questions and mirroring to aid connection with what we already know about our strengths and desires, but have not made fully conscious. This brings forth insights that make the possibilities that are the best fit for us easier to identify. In this way, you can consciously engage in your personal development.

Here are the top ten challenges that hiring a life coach can turn around and relegate to the past. Perhaps you are:

1) Unclear about who you want to be or where you are going.

Coaches are trained to assist you in discovering your passion. By focusing on the things you really love to do, when you have felt 100% authentic and fully involved, you will discern patterns and clues as to what about these experiences is inspiring to you. This information will give you insights as to your life purpose and the way forward will, naturally, emerge.

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