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Moon Mapping: Leveraging This Cycle in Your Planning


Moon mapping is the application of lunar phase energy to our planning process. This 8-phase cycle over the course of 28 days can support setting and fulfilling our intentions.

It allows you to revisit your goals on a monthly basis. Your focus can be a single short-term goal that you expect to take a month such as establishing a new habit. Or, it can be a long-term goal that you expect to make some progress on each month and can break down into appropriate subgoals or steps on the way to the ultimate goal.

For short-term goals, the lunar cycle provides time-bound accountability. For longer terms goals, the feedback and discovery you get each month provide a foundation for the next.

Week One

New Moon: New beginnings

Write a list of what you want to attract and identify the emotions you have about attracting it. Take this time to gain greater clarity about what you are putting on your wish list. Use this to select your target goal(s) for the cycle and connect with your inspiration for your dream life. As you think about your vision around your goal(s) what thoughts and feelings come up?

Waxing Crescent: Make plans

Meditate on your new intentions seeking emotional alignment with the steps required. With the target goal(s) in mind identify any limiting mindsets that you might find yourself agreeing with. If you have more than one goal tackle them independently. What mindset would you like instead? Identify negative emotions that indicate a set point of resistance. Acknowledge these feelings and allow yourself to experience them fully. What possible obstacle do these feelings indicate? Imagine the polarity of (opposite) emotion as you succeed in meeting your goal.

Week Two

First Quarter: Take action

Begin to take the steps identified. Your commitment to these inspired actions will likely have increased from your week one inquiry into mindset and emotion. In other words, taking the time to release any tension or resistance you find makes engagement easier and more likely to flow.

Waxing Gibbous: Check-in

Notice any contraction and challenge and adjust accordingly. Attend to any obstacles to the external manifestation of the steps you have identified. Also, check in once more with your internal self-talk and emotional alignment as you did in week one to see if anything new has emerged or remains.

Week Three

Full Moon: Letting go

Often we are excited by imagining our goal completion and this provides momentum for inspired action such that getting it done can feel a bit anticlimactic. Here you can release any identification you have with completion. There might also be attachments to how the steps to the goal occur. So you can also let go of constraining the process. As you check in on your experience of this goal completed also consider how your dreams have grown and recalibrated to provide inspiration for the next adventure.

Waning Gibbous: Express gratitude

Appreciate your progress and what has been received. Take time to acknowledge any internal shifts made as well as external progress towards your goal.

Week Four

Last Quarter: Closeout

Take stock of your current position ready to start again (organize and discard). Here you assess progress with your goal and what is still needed and what is not. This is the clean-up before the next round. It is akin to checking the functionality of your tools and records before using them again.

Waning Crescent: Rest and reflect

Take a break before engaging with the next cycle. Allow yourself a few days of space for full integration of this cycle and to recharge before the next.


This process supports feeling good as you take action. You take the time to actively address points of constriction in your thoughts and emotions. As these clear and unravel you have a more uniform vibration of positivity toward taking action. You also take time to be thankful which connects you with the things that feel good that you have already attracted.

Image by Enrique from Pixabay