Empower Your Divine Feminine and Reclaim Feeling Alive


spring-320310_1280 pixabayEach of us, whether biologically male or female, has a choice about the extent to which they express empowering feminine qualities. Sadly, for many of us, feminine qualities have been derogated. As a result, we have diminished their importance in our lives and even repressed them. This means that we cannot give them full expression, which undermines our ability to reach our potential. We may not even consciously realize that this has occurred. Balanced incorporation of both masculine and feminine qualities is key to full engagement in life.

Consider the following seven empowering feminine qualities, and how they are expressed in your life. Do they enrich your experience or are they showing up with dysfunction?

1) Consort: This quality shows up in the archetypes of the dancer, virgin, or concubine, who emulate beauty for beauties sake. It pertains to decoration, grace, and vulnerability. It is the extent to which you can trust enough to be tender, delicate, and allowing. It is appreciation, a state of being responsive and yielding, as opposed to more masculine qualities of assertion and initiation. In its detriment, innocent appreciation and sharing of beauty is lost and manipulation occurs. When you are sensitive to this exchange, true partnership can be achieved.

2) Creator: The ultimate archetypal expression is motherhood, but it includes the artist and the innovator.  It comprises the journey itself to birth, the inspiration and incubation, the laboring process of  exploration, composition, and discovery. The end product is appreciated for what it is rather than for the more masculine qualities of goal attainment, destination, or ambition. Providing space for creation adds richness to life that is lost when focusing on the outcome alone. In its fall, the individual becomes a slave to their passion and over-attached to what is created. The benefit of synchronizing with this genesis is that it allows you to live in the moment.

3) Intuit: This is epitomized by the archetype of priestess, shaman, or seer. These are  sensitive and attuned to the flow of the path. This in contrast to more masculine logical and analytical outcomes. It is an exploration of the vibrations of spirit.  In its fall, disconnect from this internal wisdom means that we live out of alignment with the flow of life without connecting with fateful experience and encounters that are meant to be. This empowering feminine qualities gift is greater connection to innate inner wisdom.

4) Nurturer: The many forms of nourishment are epitomized by roles such as nurse, teacher, caretaker, and homemaker. It incorporates sustenance and warm succor as opposed to the masculine drive for resources. There is a authoritative knowing and patience for what is needed to best support and guide another’s development and to give life. In its fall, this becomes autocratic. Another danger is that the process is externalized such that we excel at applying these elements for others and are not so good at using them for ourselves. The blessing bestowed is that of feeling loved.

5) Connector: This ability is demonstrated by matchmakers and team leaders; those who can inspire in such a way that the whole becomes more than a sum of the parts. There is the gift of relating, and being part of a network, or social hub. Connection comes from cooperation, and community as opposed to more masculine stoic competition and stark independence. In its fall, it is dependence stemming from fear or targeted toward personal gain rather than the benefit of the whole. This shows up in the banal triviality of a gossip or manipulator. This empowering qualities gain is witnessing that all is one.

6) Emphatic: This shows up commonly in healing professions such as dentistry, veterinary, therapy or medical practice. Support is provided through an ability to relate without judgment, to share compassion and understanding without requiring something in return.  It includes giving through providing receptive space and presence which contrasts with masculine rationality. In is fall, it shifts to martyrdom and demand for something in return for purported sacrifice. Another risk is over-emotionality. The advantage is the deep purpose that making a difference on a human level provides.

7) Empress: This is seen in the role of queen and matriarch. It comprises steadfastness, and collective unyielding resistance as opposed to masculine direct physical aggression and individual adventure. It is a force of nature that can appear dispassionate, but the emotional connection to a people actually provides the strength for what needs to be done. In its fall, there might be resistance to new ideas and change, or mistakenly standing for things that do not benefit the generation. The gift here is leadership that can be relied upon.

The empowering feminine qualities associated with the Consort, the Creator, the Intuit, the Nurturer, the Connector, the Emphatic, and the Empress are essential to our quality of life. When masculine is emphasized output dominates. However, taking time to express elements from these empowering feminine qualities reconnects us with life itself.


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