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Motivate Yourself: Key#2 Get Something Done

Take Action and Get Something Done

Once you have identified the things that will bring you closer to your dream, be sure to take action on them and get something done. To make your vision truly part of your life you have to build it step by step so it doesn’t remain just a magnificent elaborate blueprint.

The first key to motivating yourself is the clarity of purpose and certainty around exactly what you want to get done.

The second key is doing something about it.

1) Timetable it

Reverse engineer from the expansive vision you have generated to identify all the steps needed to manifest it. List each action that you must take along with a matching optimally desired outcome. Give your plan a schedule and follow it. By calendaring each identified action step you have committed time and space to getting something done. Since you are just using your best judgment to estimate the resources that you will need, you will have to adjust your schedule and deadlines to reflect any additional requirements. Embrace these necessary changes as part of the process. By making an appointment with yourself you are holding yourself accountable to work on creating your masterpiece each day.

2) Get Feedback

Find ways to track your progress. This could be as simple as logging each hour of work you put in on a specific activity. Or, it could go further to score the effectiveness of the time you are putting in. You might consider how you could be more efficient or what could be a better technique. If you are able to quantify your progress, you could even analyze your findings. Be thankful when you find a way to improve. Do not berate yourself for doing it ‘the hard way’ previously. Whenever possible ask others to give you feedback on how they perceive what you are doing. This will aid you in figuring out where to focus your efforts or the kinds of shifts you can make to best help yourself. Discovering what others appreciate will give you confidence in your potential and all the things you really can do. Be willing to test out and experiment with different ways of making progress towards what you want. This may stretch you but allows you to innovate and be creative with the process itself – and to become immersed in the experience.

3) Finish What You Start

Make sure you follow through on promises you make to yourself to maintain integrity. Completion of each step that you schedule brings self-reliance and self-trust. This means that when you make a commitment you will fundamentally believe in your ability to deliver. If you are having difficulty starting or maintaining progress, consider what you need to gain momentum. Revisit your ultimate goal to reconnect with your enthusiasm and determination. Take care of yourself so that a lack of energy does not hold you back. If some of the steps on the way to your ultimate goal are repetitive or tedious, redesign how you approach them to make them more fun and interesting.

Act on your ambitions for yourself by incorporating them into your schedule and paying attention to what happens as you move through each milestone. Feedback provides clues as to what else to try. Use this input to support your success by continually tweaking your execution. Once you get started and get something done, the action itself is a great way to keep your involvement high.

The next key to keeping motivated is in addressing your fears.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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