Meditation Medley to Make Your Heart Sing


Research consistently shows the benefits of generating space in our lives through meditation.

The regular practice of connecting to stillness supports our ability to function more effectively and reach more of our potential. In short, it increases our mental, physical, and spiritual capacity.

This article provides a great summary and detail of proven improvements.

Here are some of the meditations that I find refreshing and that have supported my own journey. Enjoy.

Meditation on Your Breath and Personal Peace

This meditation takes you through breathing into your belly and into a guided serene visualization. It uses a wonderful combination of natural sounds and gentle music overtones, as well as beautiful imagery if you choose to watch as well as listen.

Meditation for Total Body Relaxation

Enjoy this wonderful core body relaxation mediation from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. You need to allow 45 minutes, but it is well worth it.

Activation of the Seven Chakras

Here you have an opportunity to energize and clear your chakra system through sound. This is another wonderful opportunity to breathe and relax. If like me you need something more to keep your mind occupied, you can also add light visualization to the experience. The colors that tune and harmonize the energy of each chakra are:

Red for the Root (Muladhar) chakra.

Orange for the Sacral (Svadhishtan) chakra.

Yellow for the Solar Plexus (Manipurak) chakra.

Green for the Heart (Anahat) chakra.

Blue for the Throat (Vishuddha) chakra.

Indigo for the Third Eye (Agya) chakra.

Violet for the Crown (Sahasrara) chakra.

One option that I love is to breathe in cleansing colored and white light to each appropriate chakra on the in-breath. Followed by breathing out any energy that is ready to be released on the out-breath. For me, this has a sooty or dusty visual. When the colors are no longer dirty, I move on to the next chakra.

Mantra Based Meditation for Release

Another favorite and a shorter one at 20 minutes if you are pressed for time. It begins with Brendon Burchard introducing the technique and sharing his thoughts and experiences with it. Therefore, skip to ten minutes in to go directly to the meditation. You could substitute a different mantra, as you wish, to the soft music playing in the background.

Metta Chant or Loving Kindness Song

Lastly, this one is not explicitly a meditation but is definitely meditative. You can bring it to the background of anything you are doing or use it for the backdrop for your meditation. It has really wonderful energy.

Please also share your favorites in the comments below.


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