Spiritual Connection: COVID-19 and Your Relationship with the Inner You


How are you maintaining or seeking to raise your vibration at this time? The COVID-19 pandemic is unnerving and is bringing us face to face with our mortality. It is reminding us of our place in the cosmos as a part of life. As opposed to where we mistakenly place ourselves at the pinnacle of life. However, this provides us with opportunities for spiritual connection.

This realization that we really have very little control is very frightening. However, we have a choice in how we receive it. One option is to allow this fear to dictate our actions and choices. Another option is to look for the ways that this experience can enrich who we are becoming.

The first option is largely unconscious, we feel bad and look for solutions to ease that pain. The second option allows us to observe how we respond. We have the opportunity to move into a place of surrender in the moment and trust in ourselves and our ability to act from a place of love and compassion.

The pain will be there but there is a distinction in how embedded we allow it to become. We can choose in each moment how we wish to act or be. One choice involves the way in which we are able to support others and the other is how we support ourselves to provide our best.

The threads of this fear may be triggering worries about finance, shelter, and general safety. As you confront them, what are you learning about yourself? Have you discovered untapped strengths? Have you reevaluated what is important? Are you more grateful for what you have right now? I know all of these are true for me.

If you follow each fear to its root you, again and again, find that death is the underlying factor. Our mortality is not news to us, but its salience is. There is no life without death. And so ultimately in this cycle without knowing when our time will come it falls to us to live. Not a half-life waiting for death as so many of us do, but to engage with our whole being in the blessing of each moment.

With all the doomsday forecasts being shared about the spread of the disease and its long-term impact on our movements, freedoms, economy, and the expansion of an authoritarian regimen, it is natural that it will get to us from time to time. Managing the ups and downs you experience as you adjust to the demands of this crisis is just one of the ways in which you can take responsibility. Others involve taking care of what needs to be done for your household and the larger community.

You can support your spiritual connection and the energetic nature of your inner you by moderating access to tension raising experiences. This might include conjecture in the news or just the atmosphere at the grocery store. In other words, don’t overexpose yourself to negative circumstances. Do what you can do in terms of sensible precautions and then keep your goal of getting food for the week or staying informed. It may also mean offsetting the negativity by seeking out uplifting content. Look for something funny, read your favorite spiritual texts and discourses on truth and love.

Speak or write about what you are thinking and feeling as a method of release. Meet with others virtually or journal. Examine the ways in which you have restorative practices in your daily routine. These may be different than the ones you used before COVID-19. Where are you able to find the space to just be? Do you have access to nature, music, yoga or whatever for you brings a connection to stillness?

The greatest gift of this phenomenon is that it provides us with the opportunity to go within, live consciously and claim the light. By this, I mean that our spiritual connection brings us to what we truly desire, which is a way to apply our unique gifts to brings joy to both ourselves and others.


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