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Using the Wheel of Life to Target What You Want to Change


The Wheel of Life is a very powerful coaching tool because it prompts a conscious examination of your experience of life. You can repeatedly apply this tool over time as a prompt to refining your life.

However, to get the absolute most out of this coaching tool you have to be open to change.

Often our mindset can impede our ability to fully engage if we think things are set as they are. This includes our ability to change ourselves and our capabilities as well as our ability to change things in our environment and circumstance. In other words, our belief that our internal attributes or our external situation is fixed can prevent us from taking action to make small changes.

So, start by setting the intention to be wide open to any adaptations you might need to make and then engage in the Wheel of Life introspection.

The wheel of life represented above has eight areas that represent the major themes of your life. These are career/work, money/finances, friends/family, significant other, fun/recreation, physical environment, personal growth, and health/wellbeing.

Coaching exercises involving this tool begin by asking for a rating of your satisfaction in each area. Use a scale of 1 (completely unsatisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied). Take time to think about the reasons for each rating you give.

In your ideal life, if the circle were a wheel on your vehicle it would allow for a perfectly smooth ride with every rating at 10.

In your real life, right now in the present time, it allows you to identify which area(s) are most responsible for your bumpy ride. This information allows you to target the area to address and the changes you wish to make.

If the gap between your real and ideal life seems daunting, just identify one small change that would move you forward. Dedicate yourself to making this change happen and learning from the process itself. After some time, once you have fulfilled this, you can reassess your wheel and select the next aspect that would make a difference.

Happy Self Coaching 🙂

Image by stokpic from Pixabay


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