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Healthy Practices: The Secret to Protection through Prevention


The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated us to better understand viral transmission.
How do we stop the coronavirus from spreading?
How do we stop the seriousness of the coronavirus if we catch it?
In other words, how do our healthy practices address both our exposure and our immunity?

Stopping the spread by reducing exposure

We have spent time paying close attention to how this strain of flu spreads. We have sorted through the often contradictory messaging of the health advisories. All to figure out the practices we should adopt to minimize our risk as well as the risk to others and as far as possible still go about our daily lives.

We consciously prevent exposure to viral load by social distancing, wearing masks/gloves, and washing hands and surfaces. This stops the spread of coronavirus via droplets that we touch or that are suspended in the air we breathe.

Stopping the seriousness of the infection by optimizing our immune response

In addition to preventing exposure, we also want to do everything we can to prevent risk if exposed. The data about who is at greater risk from infection is also highlighting how important our underlying health is. Health concerns that may have previously not stopped us from living our life may now literally be the difference between life and death.

If you are unable to say confidently that you are really healthy then you can still do things to reduce the risk.

By focusing on healthy practices you can support your body’s overall ability to heal and protect itself. Adopting a healthier lifestyle may reduce the severity of any coronavirus symptoms in the event that you become infected. It will also address any underlying health condition.

For some, these health issues may seem intractable. They have become part of who you are and you have not found a way to effectively restore your health. It may be that you have become resigned to living with diminished energy and more limited choices. Perhaps you have given up trying to be healthy because people tell you it can’t be done. Or, it could be that you have given up because you feel the failure of the things you have tried so far. What would change for you if you believed you could find the answer? What if you believed you could make any necessary changes?

All you have to do is commit to one small (and I mean small) improvement.

Pick one health goal to improve and work to establish your habits around it so that they are embedded into your routine. Support yourself by using an app to track your progress. Check out these examples. Then pick another one that is small enough and realistic enough that you know you can do it.

There are many options for your healthy practices for life. Here are just a few:

  • Adapting your timing and choices for healthier hydration.
  • Incorporating stress relief practices such as deep breathing or massage.
  • Exercising for strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Eating nutritious food full of all the building blocks your body needs: amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. You might even be guided by your Ayurvedic body type.
  • Choosing to detox or cleanse through intermittent fasting or eating a specific diet or supplement.
  • Taking steps to reduce virus replication through specific food choices or supplements.  E.g. zinc, turmeric, or garlic which are known for their antiviral/antibacterial properties.

  • Healing emotional wounds and letting go of painful experiences. You might use an emotional freedom technique such as tapping or a journaling exercise such as morning pages.
  • Addressing your mindset towards yourself and whether you believe you are worth exquisite care.

Protecting your Health with Preventative Practices means minimizing exposure on all levels. This includes reducing the risk of exposure. It also includes reducing the risk of getting seriously ill from exposure by doing everything you can to address your overall health. This means adopting a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your wellbeing and support your body in restoring health and providing an immune response if needed.

COVID-19 has raised awareness about a healthy lifestyle and how we look after ourselves and each other. What healthy practices have you adopted recently? Let me know below.

Image by Tiny Tribes from Pixabay


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