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The Ultimate Universal Law of Love

The Universal Law of Love

There are many Universal Laws* that provide pointers on how to live. But, if there was only one Universal law that superseded all others it would be the Law of Love. By simply operating according to the principle of ‘what love would do’, you can choose your thoughts, emotions, as well as where to direct your energy and what behaviors to engage in. The Law of Love is given below with my thoughts on applying it in your life.

Love is our natural state, but as we grow we compartmentalize to make sense of the world and this creates artificial boundaries. These categories allow for comparison and evaluation, but this does not come from a place of objective appreciation for what is. Our choices about what we consider to be a part of bring separation. In reality, love encompasses all without distinction.

The Law of Love

LOVE – Let Our Vibrations Evolve

Whatever rises will fall and whatever falls will rise again. Change is the only constant.

The Law of Love states that the highest vibrational frequency is God in infinite love. God is love. You are part of God, part of love. God is light. You are light. You are part of God. With the knowledge of the Law of Love no other laws are even necessary.

However, as you are on the physical plane and fear is present in a duality with love, it is necessary to produce all these other Universal Spiritual Laws.

Love conquers all.

Love is.

Love – your real existence – if you only knew, believed and remembered – your life’s journey on the earth plane could be effortless and blissful. Your healing, growth and evolvement would be complete and you could really know you are part of God.

LOVE – Let Our Vibrations Evolve

Be love and become Beloved.

For this Universal Law of Love to really become expressed through you, reflect deeply on the ways in which you can live it. It is not enough to read it and superficially say that is really great I would like to act that way. As you watch what comes up for you when considering really putting it into practice, you may find yourself making excuses. For example, it would take too much effort, or it won’t get me anywhere because it is not the way things get done, or I’m not good enough. You have to set the intention with 100% commitment that you will find a way to remove any obstacles to this being a way of life.

The excuses that come up for you provide a clue as to the obstacles. If it seems like too much work or too hard, perhaps you fear how people will react if you present yourself this way. In other words, you do not trust that they will use the same parameters and respond to you with love. Consider whether you can act from a place of love even if the situation is negative in some way.

If you do not think this new paradigm will be effective for you to reach your goals consider how it may, in fact, be more empowering. Coming from a place of love means aligning with circumstances and operating in the flow to get things done. This is in contrast to conditional responses that come from a place of fear and control.

If you do not feel worthy of being a channel for love find ways to appreciate your perfection. As a unique embodiment of creation, how could you not be worthy?

What does it feel like to be loved, be loving, and become love? In other words, in what ways do you receive love, give love and simply hold the space for love.

*This Universal Law is from a channeled compendium or pdf ebook. This reproduction of this Universal Law is with full acknowledgment to and respects their request to maintain the integrity of what has been shared by withholding from any edit of the laws themselves.

Image by Irina Pechkareva from Pixabay

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