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Universal Laws and Getting What We Desire

Universal Laws and Desire

The concept of the Law of Attraction has become common knowledge. Whether or not you believe in it as a principle for conducting your life is another matter. Simply put, what you give out is what you get back. So, if you are clear about what you want in your life you can expect it to manifest over time. Most of us do not adequately question or examine what we actually desire our life experience and expression to be. It is far easier (and perceived to be safer) to go along with the status quo by retaining expected roles and timetables. However, many Universal Laws speak to how we can actually get what we want out of life. Imagine that, the universe actually wants us to be insanely successful.

The Ten Universal Laws* that speak to getting what we desire in life are the Law of Attraction, the Law of Belief, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Choices, the Law of Clarity, the Law of Expectation, the Law of Frequency, the Law of Giving, the Law of Integrity, and the Law of Success. These Laws are given below with my thoughts on how they guide us in manifesting and creating the life that we want.

The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. You attract the vibrations of people and situations into your life that resonate with the vibrations you send out. Your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and vision attract people and situations to you to mirror those thoughts, feelings, beliefs and visions.

When so-called “negative” people or situations are attracted to you, you must stand in your integrity and investigate, to interrogate your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and visions to see what needs to be healed. This will assist growth and evolvement to occur to ensure you no longer require the mirror of that negativity to be attributed to you.

To “positively” develop attraction of comparable desires and needs from other people and situations remind yourself of your good qualities, have clear intent without doubts and, through positive action, wait receptively and expectantly for the manifestations of like attractions to occur.

If the success you seek is not showing up you must be blocking its arrival in some way. This law requires taking responsibility for every area of your life. Experiences you receive are all for your growth and development. Look for the gift of inner transformation within them. This allows you to greet them with gratitude and acceptance for the lesson even if they are painful.

What qualities do dealing with the people and situations that show up in your life demand that you bring forth? By deliberately setting out to identify these and then deciding how to implement them you can embrace the changes you need to make. The negative experience also supports you in clarifying exactly what you wish for instead. Make a practice of affirming your vision for this alternative positive circumstance. Imagine all aspects including what it is, how it would feel, as well as deep thankfulness as if you have already received it.

The Law of Belief

Belief precedes reality. You create your own reality. There is no fine print to be evasive about here. What you dream creates a vision. When you see the dream so vividly that you can picture it clearly, feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it – when you believe in it so strongly that it becomes so real then it becomes part of you. When you can see that you and the vision are being there as one, then your belief becomes your new truth – providing it is done standing in your integrity, your faith and your trust.

Are you saying “YES” to all of your vision or perhaps a small voice of “No” is in the background? This “No” can take many forms from “I am not good enough” to “It’s too scary”. These “No’s” are frequently embedded in the information attached to the BUT’s or “I can’t because …”

Identify each of these attitudes as the true obstacles to your progress by observing your responses to these prompts. Make it a priority to remove them and you will be saying YES fully.

You can also simply ask for the level of commitment to your vision on a scale of One to Ten. Followed by what is keeping you from a Ten. You are the artist creating the role you wish to embody. If you truly believe in the scope of your life design with all your heart then it will come to pass.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Every action has a consequence returning to you. For every cause there is an effect.

For every effect can be traced back to a cause.

If you react to circumstances you may be unconscious in your reactions. If you respond to circumstances you may be conscious and deliberate in your responses. If you act consciously aware of the choices that you make, in every present moment of now, you can decide if that choice will bring happiness to you as well as for those around you affected by your choice.

By becoming a conscious maker of choices, the effect of your actions is to enable evolvement for you and for those around you affected by your choice. Ultimately, this evolution will be happiness for you and those affected by the cause and effect set into motion, by your conscious choice you made standing in your integrity.

Make every effort to consciously respond to the circumstances with which you are presented. In other words, take responsibility. When you truly commit to these intentions you dedicate yourself to operating from love. Then, even if there is an effect from your actions you will again be willing to deal with it through choice.

If you react unconsciously the effects will still occur but you will be more likely to experience them with resistance making it more of a struggle. Sometimes these effects will take time to occur and at other times they will be immediate.

The Law of Choices

CHOICE –  Courageously Helping One In Choosing Evolvement

Choice is not made with words but with actions. You all have free will – the power of choice – when you exercise your choice you determine this making of your destiny. You can only make the best possible choices currently available within a particular set of circumstances. However, you always get to choose how you will react or how you will respond, internally and externally.

Only when you have sufficient self-worth to choose whether to end something of value to you can you fully commit to it. When you do not “have to” do something out of commitment, guilt or responsibility, but passionately choose to “want to” do something out of desire or happiness then you can fully commit to it.

To make new choices requires the will, courage and self respect to honor yourself. Until you realize you have the power to say “no” you can never really say “yes” in making a conscious choice.

Every choice of action, or inaction, has consequences. Your willingness to understand and accept these consequences empowers you to choose who, what, where, when and how your life will be. The obligations and commitments created by these choices can be seen as opportunities for healing, growth and evolvement – this choice creates miracles of transformation.

You become the choices you make.

Every “Yes” Has “No” intertwined. When you way “Yes” to something you are saying “No” to the opposite or to other possibilities. Similarly, when you say “No” to something you are also saying “Yes” to what that “No” brings. Neither the “Yes” nor the “No” should be made out of fear but for the best of all.

The Law of Clarity

To be clear about your thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, decisions, attitudes, beliefs and vision enables the Universe to honor your choice – if you manifest it clearly. If you are unclear, muddled, befuddled, groping in the dark, uncertain, confused, the Universe will mirror these manifestations of lack of clarity back to you keeping you in the dark.

If you are truthful, honest, are genuine and have integrity then your intentions and desire are clear. People will respond with trust in you.

When you have clarity about what you want to do the choice about what to say “Yes” and “No” presents easily. Do your best to get to this point of clarity about what you really want for yourself in terms of internal and external development. The things that you need to heal and points of growth will be revealed through the vision you set out for yourself.

Getting to clarity requires being honest with yourself and following through with integrity. Without placing this trust in yourself and your abilities to evolve you will remain with only portions of your purpose revealed to you.

The Law of Expectation

What you expect from your life you will receive. What you believe you can, or can’t do, will manifest itself. What you doubt, have uncertainty about or create disbelief, your thoughts will create that as your reality. Purge your negative beliefs by identifying all your doubts, uncertainties and disbeliefs. Write them all down on paper. Read them out aloud. Bring all your fears out into the open so they do not “live” inside your belief system any longer. Having seen and heard that these fears are unrealistic and unfounded convince yourself that they are untrue and do not serve you any longer. Tear the paper into shreds. Burn the shreds, dispose of the ashes.

Now replace this vacuum in your belief system with the truth. Your clear intentions create this expectation. State your expectations out loud as many times as necessary. Write them down on paper. Keep the paper with you at all times. Visit and revisit this message often daily. Your new belief system will be created sincerely when you can see your expectations as a picture, an image, a vision. That vision is part of you now. You and your expectations are one. Your expectations are now part of you.

First you believe it, then you see it, then you expect it, then it manifests itself into reality.

Once you believe it, then see it, then act on it do not think about it – simply trust and allow your energy with all its unseen, unknown power to manifest it into reality.

Do not think, simply TRUST – To Rely Upon Spirit Totally

Do not think as this will create limitations.

Believe it, see it, do it.

Know deep inside you “Believing is Seeing” – The expectation will create the reality.

Take steps to release the negative expectations that you experience. One way to identify them is through a constriction or tension in your physiology. Peel back the layers. You may feel negative about taking some action and think that the action is to blame when it is actually the perceived consequence of taking the action that is holding you back. As you let these go, form the positive expectations you wish for instead. These should entice you and feel expansive and freeing in your physiology. Once again it is not just the action per se but the meaning behind the action (what the action brings you) that is important.

Writing and destroying to fire, air or water clears out the old and writing for personal and public viewing establishes the new. Another way to release any negative limiting beliefs and bring forth positive reframe in their place is to speak them with a trusted coach or friend.

The Law of Frequency

Everything in the Universe is flowing, is in motion. Whether it is a solid, liquid or gas it moves, vibrates and travels in what is known as circular patterns. Frequency measures the motion’s pattern as it oscillates, vibrates or creates waves a number of times for each selected unit of time.

Each thing has its own unique vibrational frequency. States of matter and energy are a reflection of the number of times something vibrates in, say, a millisecond. From heavy solid redwood trees to light or heat is only a function of vibrational frequency. To find out who you really are, at Soul level, where you emit a unique vibrational frequency that defines you, and allows you to be a part of God, you must BE STILL and KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

If you could become still long enough to allow your own unique vibrational frequency to align with you, in your stillness, then you will know God exists within You.

By allowing distractions, noises, television, radio, people, and all noises, to disturb that stillness, your unique vibrational frequency will remain a mystery to you. Once again it’s your choice -stillness or noise – to know God or to know noise.

Many find silence uncomfortable. If this is you – what is it about silence that creates tension? Can you think of places where you would be happy to be in silence? What might be the distinctions between places where silence is comfortable and places where it is not.

Conversely, many, having discovered silence, find noise uncomfortable! If this is you – how can you carry the silence within you even in the loudest environments? You are in charge of the frequency at which you resonate.

The Law of Giving

To give is to receive. Giving and receiving are the two opposite seats on the see-saw of life. Every relationship is one of give and take. Everything in the Universe is energy. Energy is continually being exchanged in the Universe as it flows from gas to liquid to solid, from solid to liquid to gas. The circulation, the flow of energy means that something or someone is always giving energy one moment in one form and receiving energy the next moment in another form.

The intention behind the giving, if it is to create happiness for the receiver and the giver, will ensure it generates increase. Happiness is expansive because it supports life and sustains life. It adds to, or increases, life. The giver also benefits from this expansiveness, this increase in life.

The Law of Giving says if you want to receive something first give it to others. The best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. Giving and receiving, with the correct intention, allows the flow of energies in the Universe to provide for the Giver and for the Receiver.

For as long as you give you will be receiving.

Stepping into this flow with trust is true altruism. It is giving without condition, for the joy of it, knowing that your needs will be met.

The Law of Integrity

You are part of God. When you know, and remember Who You Are, then being integrated with God, you know your Integrity. Integrity means being integrated so that your thoughts, words, actions are a reflection of your highest intentions. This integration occurs through your mind, body, spirit, emotions, attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

Be in harmony with God; think, say and act “What would God/Love do now?” and then do whatever you please – you will always be standing in your integrity.

Your motives and your intent determine how you stand in your integrity. By acknowledging your weaknesses, your failings and having the motivation and intention to now stand in your integrity, drawing upon your inner strength, to be the best you can be, then you can integrate with your perception of God.

If, on the other hand, through your motivations and your intentions you choose not to stand in your integrity; if you choose temporary sensory satisfaction at the expense of knowingly not standing in your integrity, then be conscious that others may be affected and offended by your choices.

The consequences of your choices are inevitable according to the way the Universe handles the Law of Cause and Effect.

In breaking spiritual law, the action itself is its own punishment, as it sets up the ripple effect of the consequences of that action. These ripples develop into waves and the waves become tidal waves. When these waves eventually crash against the “immovable” objects of your life, they prove to be very movable as they are swept along in the path of the breaking tidal wave.

At that point learning to stand in your integrity will assist in your healing, growth and evolutionary process.

Stand in your integrity – or fall for anything, anywhere, any-how, any-when.

Who do you want to be as an expression of your highest self? Considering this question is a way to connect with your integrity. The things that hold the highest meaning for you are a way to discover your mission and purpose in life. Find clarity here. This and the ability to acknowledge and appreciate all aspects of yourself will allow you to consistently be in your integrity. As such you can deliver strength and vulnerability as needed and as your ability allows.

The Law of Success

When you get your energy flow right you gain success, as success is followed by success. This energy flow becomes successive. When you are experiencing success, you get into a space, a zone, that allows the energy to flow effortlessly without resistance.

This success comes when you believe in yourself, acting in the highest good for everyone, not only yourself, and you are doing the best you can as you stand in your integrity. When your vision is resonated by the vibrations of your thoughts and actions then success will flow.

Success is non definitive. To some people it is to win the highest award achievable in your environment. To others it is to get out of bed successfully as depression tries to pull you back to bed. The meaning of success is unique to each person. It can be measured by the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you have depending on your expectation levels. True success comes when you empower yourself, and others, achieving the goals you set yourself, as you stand in your integrity during the entire process.

When you achieve what you set out to do to serve others and for your own growth and development you feel joy and contribution. By being in your integrity you align all aspects of yourself. In other words, your thoughts, feelings, actions, and energetic vibration are concordant. You do not hold yourself back with opposing ambitions and as such your way forward flows effortlessly.

Each of these Universal Laws outlines how you can be in the flow when you do the inner work. It is not about taking action in spite of fear but instead about confronting the fear so that it no longer has hold over you and so love is all that remains. When you act out of your essence from a loving state of being you can rise to any possibility. To truly get what you desire you need to know precisely what you want and then clear out any inner resistance to achieving it.

*These Universal Laws are made available as part of a channeled compendium or pdf ebook. This reproduction of a selection of the Universal Laws is with full acknowledgment to and respects their request to maintain the integrity by withholding from any edit of the laws themselves.

Image by Irina Pechkareva from Pixabay


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